Bachelor In Paradise Star Blames Race For Scandal

Bachelor In Paradise star DeMario Jackson was accused of misconduct for getting sexual with another contestant. Jackson feels that it wouldn’t have happened if he was a white person and said he wouldn't wish the situation on his worst enemy.

A sexual encounter between two contestants was taped in the hot tub of the show's Sayulita resort, in Mexico. One producer accused Jackson of misconduct without watching the video, forcing Warner Bros. Production to suspend production of the show. A while later, another produced filed a similar complaint. Two weeks later, an outside firm watched the clip and concluded that there was nothing wrong. The show was told to resume shooting, but without Jackson and Corinne Olympios.


Before resuming the show, everything was discussed with Bachelor In Paradise’s host, Chris Harrison, but despite the conclusion, the scandal became a global issue because it was projected around racism.

Jackson feels that he if was white and Olympios was black, the issue would’ve gone unnoticed.


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In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Jackson said that the sexual encounter was completely consensual. In the episode that will be broadcasted next week, Jackson had a one-on-one interview with Harrison. Olympios also told her side of the story.


"If I would have been Alex or Derek, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, I would probably be engaged to Alexis right now," says Jackson in his Hollywood Reporter interview.


However, Jackson is glad that despite being cast on the show, he is the same person. He never was angry or upset with anyone and always told the truth. Jackson feels that 25% of the story wasn’t shown by Bachelor In Paradise’s producers to spice up the drama. The producer who’d accused Jackson was Olympios’ best friend and left the show very next day.

Jackson explained that Paradise is a show where in you flirt with someone, go to sleep, and the person has already moved on. With hundreds of cameras and lights on you, it is difficult to convey your true emotions. The show is all about having fun, earning money, and spending it on expensive brands.

When asked whether he will be returning on Paradise’s next season, Jackson said he will only if his health permits.

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