Aston Martin To Sell Only One "Spectre" James Bond Car

The Aston Martin DB10, a custom automobile built for the new James Bond film Spectre, will be sold by auction next year. The model is so exclusive that only one car will be sold.

The person who is willing to drop the most money to purchase the car won't be able to drive it except on a private track or closed course. This luxury automobile is not certified as road legal, according to CNN Money.

The DB10 will be one of the rarest cars on earth with only 10 of them built to film the 007 flick. Of the 10 cars made for the movie, only three of them survived through the rigors of filming. So, this car is about as rare as can be.

How much will one collector be paying for the privilege to own a one-of-a-kind vehicle? The earlier edition DB9, of which 150 were made, had a selling price of $253,000 (£165,000) and is roadworthy, according to CNN Money. The car featured in Spectre could draw a much higher price, especially if the buzz spurs collectors into a bidding war.

What would a potential buyer expect from a car that is meant to look slick on the big screen and not to contend with the usual inconveniences like traffic, red lights and sluggish drivers? It turns out the DB10 drives better than expected for a movie vehicle and is "as much a supercar in real-life as it appears to be on screen," according to Forbes. The driver likened the feel of the DB10 to Aston Martin's top-end Vanquish.

The look of the car is refined, sleek and has details like air holes that makes it look cool and modern. On the other hand, the car accelerates to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, which isn't impressive for car meant for a super spy. Also, the car lacks air conditioning, functional gauges and working side windows, according to Forbes.

Just because this car isn't road certified, doesn't mean that celebrity auto collectors can't get a test drive. Former talk show host and avid car collector Jay Leno featured the Aston Martin DB10 on a segment of his car-themed YouTube program.

Source: Forbes, CNN Money

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