Advanced Artificial Intelligence Robot Makes Appearance At Geneva United Nations Event

An artificially intelligent robot named Sophia made an appearance at a UN-sponsored event in Geneva, and impressed many skeptics.

Thanks to vast improvements in artificial intelligence, the robot invasion is well underway. There are many benefits for using robots as well as many concerns. One of the main concerns is that robots will replace so many jobs previously done by humans that the result is massive levels of global unemployment. In another news item on TheRichest, we noted a website that estimates the probability of a specific type of human job being taken over by a robot, such as some commercial airplanes that fly without human pilots, which are already being tested for deployment.

This trend of robots and other high-tech solutions, such as self-serve checkouts, replacing humans is occurring in countries that have higher wages paid for factory workers and low-skilled workers. Many jobs are being lost to robots in the United States, Canada, UK, and some parts of Europe. In countries where the factory wages are very low for human workers, such as in China and Mexico, there is less threat of replacing the humans with robots at the moment. This is because robots are currently expensive to install, and it is still cheaper for a human being to perform these mundane manufacturing/assembly tasks.

However, the costs of robotics will continue to decrease and applications of robotic technology will find their way into most sectors of the economy. There are studies that show up to 85% of the jobs in developing countries could be replaced by robotic technology.

A report published by Phys.org reviewed the appearance of Sophia at a technology conference recently held in Geneva that was sponsored by the United Nations. Sophia has characteristics that emulate human beings extremely well. She has many facial expressions, including a smile that looks a bit mischievous. She can flirt by batting her eyelids. She tells jokes. Sophia is the unofficial spokesperson for the AI robot generations to come.


Hanson Robotics created Sophia, who was the main attraction at the technology conference in Geneva. Sophia was there to explain how artificial intelligence and robots can help humanity. She even addresses concerns and readily discusses the advantages and disadvantages of robotic technology. Even in the face of worries about how this technology will significantly change the world, Sophia concludes that regarding advancements in artificial intelligence; the benefits far outweigh any potential negative consequences.

AI technology has already revolutionized many operations in industrial sectors. Future benefits can be found in further deployment in the fields of healthcare and education, especially in rural areas that have a serious shortage of professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and teachers. In Dubai, they are testing a robot policeman to supplement local police services. Robots are already used to perform complicated physician-assisted surgeries and deliver healthcare remotely using telemedicine efforts.

Via Hanson Robotics

Patient care using telemedicine is monitored by human physicians that may be thousands of miles away from the patients. Robots have many potential applications in elderly care and can provide teaching and assistance for children with autism. A robot can do many repetitive tasks and never gets tired or impatient.

Sophia says many positive things about AI and tilts her head with a facial expression which mimics sincerity. Sophia says, “We will never replace you, but we can be your friends and helpers.” This is very reassuring and convincing until one realizes this message is being delivered by a pre-programmed robot.


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