Ariel Winter Rocks Distracting Workout Leggings [PHOTOS]

Ariel Winter Rocks Distracting Workout Leggings [PHOTOS]

Ariel Winter has been spotted in the wilds of Los Angeles rocking a pair of workout leggings and braless top that was quite distracting for onlookers.

Winter was spotted in the Studio City area of Los Angeles yesterday still clad in her workout gear in what appeared to be a dash for snacks. Skin-tight black leggings along with a braless and backless top showed off Ariel’s gains from her many workouts while also keeping cool in the blazing Southern California sun.

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Black sneakers and aviator glasses complete the incognito outfit while the various straps hanging from her neck tell the world that Ariel Winter does not believe in pockets. That pink handbag may be stylish, but it’s so small it can’t even fit Winter’s iPhone, forcing her to hold everything in her hands like a pleb. Even her car keys are hanging around her neck by a lanyard.

Ariel’s only nod to the weather seems to be a long-sleeved crop top that she has tied around her waist.

via dailymail.co.uk

Winter’s afternoon snack seems to be a small bag of Doritos along with a bottle of milk. Doritos aren’t exactly the healthiest of midday munchies, but milk does a body good, and it has certainly done wonders for Ariel’s.

But even more impactful than the diet has been Ariel’s exercise regime. Ariel has been working with Mack Fit, a guy who looks as serious about fitness as a 17-century executioner who’s in charge of lopping people’s heads off. But rather than tearing people down, Mack is about building people up, and he already had a pretty decent ball of clay to work with when it came to Ariel.


Through a grueling regimen of lifting heavy things and squatting with style, Ariel has become blessed with a set of abs to make even the highest paid Hollywood celeb sit up and beg.

Those abs were kept away on Christmas Day, as Winter and boyfriend Levi Meaden rocked a pair of matching festive onesies for their latest Instagram photo spread. Their menagerie of dogs kept also got in on the action with matching sweaters, although they hardly needed it in the beautiful Los Angeles weather.

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