Ariel Winter Rocks Insanely Long V-Neck New Year's Eve

Ariel Winter rocked an insanely long v-neck at ABC’s New Year’s Eve party in Hollywood.

You just know that an event as big as New Year’s Eve is going to attract some big names, and nobody is bigger than Modern Family star Ariel Winter. The Los Angeles native was a special guest on the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show on Sunday, competing with others on who would be best dressed to the ball.

Ariel sported a shimmering black floral ensemble that basically ended between the girls, showing off more chest than even the show’s ostensible host, Ciara. The see-through satiny fabric had a floral pattern that broke up just enough of her outline to keep things safe for television, while dangly earrings and hair done up in a bow completed the hostess with the mostest look.


Winter went a little overboard on the mascara, but it’s New Year’s Eve, so you can basically get away with anything.

Ariel competed with Ciara for best-dressed hostess on New Year’s Eve, with Ciara wearing a dazzling silver dress with her own plunging neckline. The battle between busty babes was fierce, but eventually Ciara conceded defeat and swapped into a black velvet dress with virtually no neck to speak of.

Claiming victory with a novelty thumbs-up glove, Ariel rang in the new year with style.

The Modern Family star must have rushed to make the show after spending the holidays visiting boyfriend Levi Meaden’s parents in snowy Canada. Before that the pair took to Instagram on Christmas Day to show off a pair of matching onesies along with even more matching doggie sweatshirts.

“Kids are a struggle y’all. But Merry Christmas from our little dysfunctional family to yours!!!! ❤” Wrote Winter on Christmas Day, futzing with their three dogs: a Somayed, an Australian Shepherd, and what could be a Rottweiler-Lab mix but could also be a mutt of many breeds. Either way, I’m sure they all got plenty of dog treats for Christmas.


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