Ariel Winter Trolled For The Dress She Wore For Family Event

Ariel Winter is under fire for her clothes again. This time, it's because of a dress she wore at a family event.

The trolls came out in force for Ariel Winter for her latest family photo posted to Instagram.

It’s hard to see what was so objectionable about Winter’s latest Instagram post, especially when you consider what else she’s worn. A strapless pink dress along with high heels and a downright conservative hairdo (by Winter standards at least) doesn’t seem to warrant the flack she’s getting, but flack she has, and then some.

“Wow can’t even dress like a woman even around friends and family. Sad,” one Instagram follower replied, while another posted, “She's gonna be pretty scary looking in her late 20s with all of this plastic surgery. Yikes!!!!”

Family first ❤️

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The overall theme seemed to be that wearing an even moderately revealing dress is inappropriate for a family gathering, but come on! This is Ariel Winter we’re talking about here! This is the same Hollywood star that will wear just a bra when going out downtown in the middle of January. If Winter is covering more than 50 percent of her legs and torso that’s a pretty modest day.


Still, others took umbrage with Winter’s placement, saying she should be next to her beau rather than in the front. “Ariel looks great but she needs to be next to her boyfriend not sure why he's at the back and not next to her?”

Some even had a bit of a problem with the placement of Ariel’s assets, saying she’s a menace to the younger members of the family. “That poor girl is getting smothered w boobs,” one user wrote.

Does this look like the face of a girl who’s upset about the fact there are boobs right next to her head? If nothing else, her dad seems absolutely ecstatic.

Not everybody had something negative to say about the family photo. Many couldn’t get over there average attractiveness of the Winter family. “Why is almost evry Girl in your Family so Hot?” one user asked, with another providing the explanation: “Obviously stunning looks run in the family.”

Can’t argue with that.


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Ariel Winter Trolled For The Dress She Wore For Family Event