Ariel Winter Shows Off Rock Hard Abs In Latest Photo

Ariel Winter Shows Off Rock Hard Abs In Latest Photo

Ariel Winter is showing the world the fruits of her labors just in time for the holidays.

In Ariel’s most recent Instagram post we see what a few months of intense workouts can do for the 19-year-old’s curvaceous figure. In short, Ariel’s got abs, and this is just going to make her tendency to walk around in crop-tops and bras all the more eye-grabbing.


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In a room filled with photos of Kanye West and Chris Pratt from Jurassic World, Winter sits with head on her fist on a black leather sofa. There’s an angry leopard looking ornament in the lower right, and a lovely orange paint to the room. Ariel is rocking the freshly-showered hair look, along with a black, long-sleeved crop top that reveals the aforementioned abdominals, along with black jeans that make it really hard to tell where the sofa ends and Winter begins.

Ariel has been hitting the gym hard for months now with her new personal trainer, Mack from Mack Fit. Mack is a serious dude when it comes to fitness, and just because his client is a millionaire TV-star doesn’t mean he’ll pull any punches. He’s put Ariel through the ringer, from planks to squats, from stiff-legged deadlifts to grueling weighted lunges, and Winter has endured it all and more.

The payoff for Winter is, of course, elevating her body from merely good enough to land her on the covers of magazines and national television to something approaching a Greek goddess.

Now that Ariel has trimmed down her waistline we may even be treated to a New Year’s shopping spree to replace her wardrobe. Or maybe she celebrates Boxing Day.

The best dad there is ❤️ lucky girl. Love you.

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Ariel’s made headlines most recently for the dress she wore to her family Christmas get together, rocking a strapless pink dress that hugged her figure like a second skin. The internet couldn’t believe that’s what she’d wear to a family function, but let’s be real: this is Ariel Winter. She’s going to wear whatever she damn well pleases everywhere she goes.


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