Apple's New Campus Is Insanely Huge

Apple has been working on its new campus since it broke ground in 2013 and in just three years it's expanded to immense proportions. The company recently dropped a drone video showing off just how much work has gotten done in the past three years.

The building comes in at a whopping $5 billion (which is about $1 billion over budget, FYI) and takes up 176 acres of land. The plan is to house 13,000 staff when the building is complete.

5 bucks says there'll be Apple bikes to get from one part of the campus to the other (or Segways). The building is also going to be as green as a building that takes up 176 acres can, the video shows off just how many solar panels Apple is integrating into the construction.

Via ibtimes.co.uk

It is said that the building is going to have an underground parking garage that will be able to house 11,000 vehicles with additional parking elsewhere for an additional 3,200 vehicles.

The campus is set to open sometime in early 2017, but we're not entirely sure based on this progress report if it will actually open on time.

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