Anonymous Says NASA Close To Announcing Proof Of Aliens

Anonymous says NASA is holding onto proof of alien life, and is coming close to confirming that publicly.

If a person on Earth stands on a mountain top overlooking a vast ocean, it would be lunacy to wonder if there is life in that ocean. Oceans on Earth are abundant with life. This is the same logic that applies when a person stares at the night sky. The difference is that the vast universe is infinitely larger than all the oceans on Earth and all the oceans elsewhere.

In fact, there are more stars and planetary systems in the universe than grains of sand found on all the beaches on Earth. The probability of not finding life in the whole universe is infinitesimally small. Any reasonable person should consider the chance being zero, of Earth being the only planet in the universe with life. The discovery that the universe is teeming with life would be one of the most powerful space discoveries we could find and the most likely one. We simply have not yet been able to travel far enough out into space to discover it. Or maybe, we already have!

Anonymous, the group of global hackers, announced on its website that NASA is about to release proof of the discovery of intelligent, extraterrestrial life. We all knew this was coming, and it was only a matter of time before NASA publicly admitted what the sworn testimony of those involved in The Disclosure Project already revealed. This is real news, not fake news.

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Anonymous points to the public presentations made to the Congressional Committee on Science, Space, & Technology at a committee hearing entitled, Advances in the Search for Life, held on April 26, 2017, as evidence of what NASA has discovered. The full hearing may be viewed on YouTube.

The testimony of experts at the Congressional committee hearing included a report made by Professor Thomas Zurbuchen. He works for the Science Mission Directorate as its Associate Administrator. Dr. Zurbuchen said that NASA made considerable recent advancement in the search for alien life such as when they found hydrogen on one of Saturn’s moons named Enceladus. Moreover, the Hubble team’s exploration of Europa, a moon of Jupiter, found oceans there.

One of the presumptions made by Earth scientists is that water in abundance, like that which is found on Earth, is a requirement to find advanced life forms. At least, any life forms we could recognize. That may be an earthbound prejudice, however, water is certainly the key element needed to sustain life on Earth. This presumption leads space scientists to look for planets and moons of planets that have abundant liquid water on them.

Scientists also look for conditions on planets or moons that are considered to be in the “goldilocks” zone, which could support life. These conditions include having a protective atmosphere and having a stable temperature in the narrow range that supports life by not being too far away or too close to the nearest sun. By NASA’s mathematical calculations there are hundreds of thousands of such planets or moons that could already be identified by studying the data collected by the Hubble telescope project.

Another, more advanced, telescope called the “James Webb Space Telescope” will be launched in 2018 to expand the universal search efforts with the newest technology. It would not be possible for us to have conclusive evidence that there is no life in the universe because it is impossible for us to check such a vast area of space. This means we can only prove that life exists on other planets, planetoids, asteroids, and or moons. The discovery of alien life is simply a matter of continuing the search until we find it.


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