Angelina Jolie Details Shocking Conditions She Witnessed In Syrian Refugee Camp

Angelina recently spoke about her trip to a Syrian refugee camp, shedding light on the soul-crushing conditions these people live in.

It is good to see Angelina Jolie out and about again. Recently, there were serious concerns about her health because of the emotional toll that she experienced after getting divorced from Brad Pitt. We are happy to report that she is looking better than ever and now seems to be able to get on with her life.

In 2012, Angelina Jolie was appointed as the Special Envoy of the United Nations. In her role as spokesperson for the U.N, she recently went on a mission to a Syrian refugee camp called Za’atari located in Jordan, where she gave an amazing speech on January 28, 2018.

Upon seeing the conditions of the people living in the refugee camp, Jolie said it crushed her soul. In her speech, she noted that the suffering has gone on now for over seven years. The war displaced over 6 million people and more than 220,000 already died.


“After seven years of war, most Syrian refugees have exhausted any savings they had. The vast majority of them already live below the poverty line, on less than $3 a day...” she told People. “Here, it means families going without sufficient food; children unable to get medical treatment; young girls vulnerable to early marriage; and many Syrians facing their seventh winter without proper shelter.”

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The Syrian civil war has many groups fighting, which include forces of the Kurds who fight for sovereign territory, the remains of ISIS, the official Assad government regime, and fragmented resistance groups such as Jaish al Fateh, Nusra, and Ahrar-al-Sham. On top of this, there is the involvement of forces from Russia, the United States, Iran, and others to make matters even more complex.

While all this fighting is going on, it is the regular Syrian people in the refugee camps who are suffering the most. Jolie notes that the average family must somehow survive of a few dollars per day. The winter weather is especially harsh. There is a lack of food and proper medical care. Jolie noted that the Syrian people in the refugee camps are well-educated, quite capable, and want to get off of relief aid and return to their homes. They are all praying for the war to end.

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Jolie brought two of her daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, with her on the trip. It was good for them to see how others live. It was good for Jolie also to get back to her work trying to help others. Anyone who goes through a soul-crushing event, such as an unwanted divorce, is helped by putting everything into perspective by seeing, in person, the extraordinary suffering of others.

Even though all of this is sad, it is still possible to move forward and move ahead. Jolie’s children helped encourage the young girls who are part of the TIGER program, which provides an opportunity for continuing the education of the children living in the camp.


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