Angelina Jolie Doesn't Like Being Single, How She's Coping With Divorce

American actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie recently confessed in an interview with Telegraph that she doesn’t like being single and is consciously re-coupling with ex-husband and actor, Brad Pitt. Jolie revealed in the interview that she didn’t enjoy her film’s promotion this time around because she feels very shy and weak from the inside.

Even though it isn’t yet confirmed that the former power couple will get back together, there is a bright chance that they might. Jolie said that she hasn’t fully adjusted to the single life and going around has been difficult. She is a little shy and isn’t as strong as she was earlier with Pitt. Being single is something she never wanted. There is nothing nice about it and is very hard. Jolie said that the past year has been emotionally draining for her and though she has been able to pull herself together, she still goes through a few torturous days.

“Sometimes maybe it appears I am pulling it all together,” says Jolie. “But really I am just trying to get through my days.”


Jolie also said that she could cope better because her children were there by her side and have been very supportive. She is trying her best to rediscover her old self because she feels that a person loses herself on her way to become something.

The Academy Award winner is currently promoting her latest film, First They Killed My Father, a Cambodian drama, which she has produced, co-written, and directed. The film is based on the 2000’s Khmer Rouge genocide written by Loung Ung. The story is about Ung’s parents and two siblings who were killed along with two million other Cambodians during genocide in 1970.

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Jolie’s son, Maddox, helped her in shooting the film. He is a Cambodian and was adopted by the couple when he was three months old. The 42-year old actress wanted Maddox to know about Cambodian culture, so the film was a journey for both of them. Jolie said that Maddox was deep into research and editing of the movie.

After the promotions are over, Jolie and her brood will be enjoying family time settling in their newly purchased $24.5 million Los Angeles mansion, which was once occupied by Hollywood icon Cecil B DeMille. Jolie said that it will be a good time to grow and catch up as her children are growing so fast. She also joked about hitting their teens when they get mischievous.

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