7 Amazing Things You Did Not Know Your iPhone Can Do

For many, the iPhone has become an appendage as if it is almost permanently attached to the hand. As humans transition to becoming cyborgs the need to always have an iPhone in hand is the first major step. Just kidding! However, since iPhone owners almost always have it with them, we wanted to suggest some options and ways to use an iPhone that makes it more interesting and convenient.

USA Today gave some helpful information about how to use an iPhone in new ways that many may not be familiar with. Here are seven tips for using an iPhone:

See if Something is Level

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Carpenters love this one. Instead of using a carpenter’s leveling tool, why not simply use your iPhone to find out if something is level. The iPhone has a built-in gyroscope that tells it which way is up, down, and sideways. It uses this to set the display. This is how it knows when the device is rotated. This same system can be used to see if something is level. For example, it can be used effectively when hanging framed art on a wall to make it look nice.

The gyroscope is part of the compass application. To use this feature, open the compass application and then swipe left to find the leveling bubble. Hold the iPhone to the place you want to see if it is level. The red margin shows how much difference there is between the horizontal and vertical angles to show what needs adjustment. The compass application can also be used if lost, in order to find the direction needed to go.


Teach Siri to Speak Properly

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When using the Siri artificial intelligence program to get verbal reports about directions, the weather, or Internet searches, sometimes Siri gets the pronunciation wrong. This may not matter much for a one-time request. However, for things that come up regularly, like the names of friends or a location that is frequently used, mispronunciation by Siri can be annoying.

This is easy to fix. If Siri says something incorrectly, simply say “That is not how you pronounce ______ (fill in the blank with the mispronounced word).” Siri will then ask how to pronounce that word, record the information, and then ask for a double check to make sure the new pronunciation is now correct.


Good Sounds, Lights, and Vibrations

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By setting custom ringtones, flashing lights, and vibrations, it is possible to know who is calling before looking at the incoming message screen on the iPhone.

To select how an iPhone lights up when a specific person calls or to choose a ringtone or vibration, open the contacts application. Select a ringtone and/or a light pattern for a contact. Use the create tool to make a new vibration.

The custom vibration feature is useful for those in meetings who need to be reachable in emergencies, such as by a significant other or their kids. Without having to look at their iPhone, they will know when they have an emergency call and then can politely excuse themselves from a meeting to take the call.


QR Code Scanning is Easier

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QR codes are those funny-looking black and white squares you see in ads, printed on products, and now find in many other places, such as business conferences. Scanning a QR code can be a convenient way to get more information, go to a website, or to perform a function. One new use of them is to present your public key for the transfer of cryptocurrency.

It used to take opening a special application to scan a QR code. With the new iOS 11 operating system for the iPhone, the system automatically recognizes a QR code by simply using the iPhone camera and hovering over the QR code.


Private Pics and Videos

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If there are photos and videos on your iPhone that one prefers for others not to be able to see, it is now possible to hide them.

To accomplish this, open the photo application, select one or more photos for hiding, hit the share button, and then select hide. The photos will not be visible in the photo collections, the moment's view, or in the year's view. After being hidden, they are accessible only by the albums screen when using the correct password.

The same works for videos. First, select them, then the share option, and then hide. Besides the system feature of hiding them, there are also dedicated applications that can be used to hide photos and videos using encryption to make them even more secure.


Air Flight Tracking

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Finding out the status of an air flight is much easier now. Simply type the flight number into the Safari address bar on the iPhone and the flight information comes up without needing to open any application in order to retrieve it.

The information provided will be the scheduled departure time, the estimated arrival time, whether the fight has been delayed, and a real-time map of the GPS location of the plane. Now, it is easier to know when to pick up people at the airport and not waste time going too soon to pick them up if their flight has been delayed.


A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

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If a mistake is made while typing email, messages, and notes or when using an editing tool feature such as cut, copy, and paste simply shake the iPhone to erase the last entries in the reverse order of how they were made. Tap to confirm each deletion (or cancel it). Shake the iPhone again to undo the removal.

This shaking method is much faster than trying to use the back or delete button to remove unwanted mistakes. For those that find this shaking feature not so helpful, it can easily be disabled by going to the general settings and turning off the feature under the accessibility choices.


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