Alicia Silverstone Poses For PETA With WWE Wyatt Family Mask

Generally, most people do not give a second though to where their wool comes from. For most, they usually just yank whatever wool sweater their mom gave them for their birthday and wear it as soon as the temperature starts to drop. Usually, the sheep that had to be handled to get the wool is never considered. It’s not exactly like manufacturers put the name of the sheep and its favorite color on the tag to remind people of the fabric’s origin.


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That was until Alicia Silverstone decided give everyone an education about what her priorities are when it comes to wool. In a recent PETA ad, she bared her backside to the world, proclaiming that she would rather go naked than wear wool. What’s even more interesting is that she is holding a Wyatt Family Mask! Bray, Erick, Luke, and Randy should be so proud that their antics are influencing movements not just inside the ring, but outside of it too.

Posing For PETA

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You can see Alicia posing bare back for PETA...

Full Throttle

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