The King Of Private Jets: Airbus A380 Superjumbo Details And Price

If you're looking to purchase an Airbus A380 jumbo jet for private use sometime soon, we have all the details you need.

TheRichest reported way back in 2014 that the Airbus A380 was number one on the list of the 10 most luxurious private jets in the world. In 2007, Saudi Prince Alawaleed bin Talal placed an order for a custom-designed VVIP A380 Airbus. The plane was ready for delivery with new engines in 2011 and ready to be retrofitted with custom enhancements thereafter. Estimates were that the cost of the finished, customized plane could be up to US$485 million. Others put a figure on the cost of the plane itself at less that half of the US$300 million price for a new A380 because the prince was buying a used A380 jet that had previously served as a test plane. The actual cost of the proposed customization was never revealed.

The prince’s plane was supposed to have a full luxury Turkish-style spa and gigantic prayer room where the prayer mats were going to turn automatically by electronics to face towards Mecca during the prayer time. Economic hard times caused the prince’s plans to be thwarted, when the real estate collapse in 2008 caused his shares in Citibank, which represented a significant portion of his wealth, to go way down in value. The Prince had purchased the plane with the interior unfinished and then prior to the custom design work being done, resold it to the King of Saudi Arabia without an interior being installed.

The current list price of a new A380 is US$432.6 million. Luxury bargain hunters are starting to show interest in acquiring used A380 jets. Business Insider says that a used Airbus A380 is the hottest, newest jet for conversion to a private jet. The first A380 jets were put in service with Singapore airlines. They come off leases during 2017, unless the airline decides to renew the leases. A used A380 plane at the end of its lease should sell for only around US$100 million.

Airbus A380 Commercial Seat Layout Via aeroanalysis.net

Right now, some used Airbus A380 superjumbos are available for leasing. A new A380 leases for US$2 million per month. A used A380 jet costs 40% of that, a "bargain” at only US$800,000 per month. Leases for used A380 jets as short as five years are available.

Because the Airbus A380 is the largest passenger jet in the world, it costs around $29,000 per hour to operate the plane, including the crew. Of that amount, around US$17,000 per hour is the cost of the jet fuel. This means when flying the Airbus A380, it costs about US$45 per mile traveled. This jumbo jet is designed for longer flights that last over ten hours. The A380 can travel a little over 4400 miles before needing to land for refueling.

Airbus A380 Custom Design Via Business Insider

The double-decker design of the A380 allows plenty of room to install seven-star luxury suites and entertainment areas including a swimming pool, a putting green, and a handball or tennis court. A custom design could make it possible to drive luxury vehicles on board the lower deck and even take exotic caged animals along for the trip. For billionaires, heads of state, and those will money to burn, a customized Airbus A380 is the new king of private jets as the newest, grandest, status symbol available.


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