8 Celeb Homewreckers That Keep On Wrecking And 7 That Regret It

The private lives of celebrities are constantly exposed, yet, celebrities tend to have the most occurrences when it comes to extramarital affairs. And we would have thought that constantly being in the public eye would stop them from purposely labeling themselves as homewreckers. The case we often see with celebrities, whether true or not, are new relationships being started and formed before the old one and one they are in has ended. The oh-so-ever persuasive Angelina Jolie did not let the Friends star Jennifer Aniston get in her way when in pursuit of Brad Pitt— homewrecker defined. Celebrities have basically defined the term "homewrecker" because of the constant occurrences where a celebrity is blamed for breaking up a marriage. However, it does take two to tango, which is why the homewrecking scandals in Hollywood never seem to lack any excitement; often, the two parties are celebrities, which make the stories juicier.

These juicy stories from Hollywood are also not a new "trend" — homewrecking goes way back to stories from the deliberate Elizabeth Taylor, who proved that being a homewrecker in the public eye does get you caught. However though, we cannot dismiss the other party involved, whether a celebrity or not, because it is not only one person who should be blamed for tearing apart a relationship — that being said,  both parties are equally at fault. And now, all you shady celebrities are going to be exposed; here is a list of 8 celebrities that are keeping the homewrecking fad going and 7 others that regret it.

Some celebrities in Hollywood just have a constant need to show their bad decisions to the public — apparently, some have a knack for homewrecking. Jesse James first started his slate when he went on to cheat with Miss Congeniality star Sandra Bullock , when he decided that he had the green light to sleep with model Michelle McGee, not once or twice, but for 11 months while he was still in a relationship with Bullock. The cheatee, in this homewreckage case, who is McGee, claimed she thought Bullock and James were separated. How can one be so naïve in the world of Hollywood? However, it was not over for Jesse James, right after he decided those two women were not a match for him, he went on to wreck another relationship when he cheated on Kat Von D. Old habits die hard, they say.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

A homewrecking situation immediately becomes a regret when a baby is involved. While Arnold Schwarzenegger was married to long-time wife Maria Shriver, Schwarzenegger was having an affair with their housekeeper. He certainly wanted to make the top of the list of homewrecking celebrity scandals when he decided to have unprotected fun time with the housekeeper. Shriver divorced Schwarzenegger in 2011 after discovering that their housekeeper's son was in fact fathered by Schwarzenegger. We cannot feel any sympathy for Schwarzenegger as he hid the affair for at least 13 years, right? However, there was a statement issued that after leaving the governor's office, Schwarzenegger did admit the affair to his now ex-wife; we sense the Terminator himself had many regrets in the end.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods  must have forgotten that homewrecking was a "thing" when he decided to engage in extra-marital intimacy with all the women in the world who were not his wife. He must have also forgotten that being the top professional golfer meant scoring points only on the field and not on the board of the worst celebrity homewrecker — this man does not know when to quit getting that putt in the hole. Sources claimed that Rachel Uchitel was the homewrecker of this entire situation that unfolded in front of our very eyes, however, how can one woman be named responsible when Woods had at least 15 other parties involved. After 15 women, we can all confirm that Woods was to blame for the entire self-destructive homewrecking path he put himself on.


It goes from 0 to 100 real quick, when it comes to Drake , who is coined as a hip-hop homewrecker. Innumerable relationships have been dragged down because of the shameless star, from what we know. Up until now, Drake has wrecked 5 relationships. So is it for love or lust? First, Drake made a move on P.Diddy's long-time love Cassie, one night in Miami, which resulted in a scuffle between the two hip-hop stars. Drake obviously has the same taste in women as Chris Brown because he first went after Rihanna in 2012, and was not done there. He then pursued Brown's other girlfriend Karreuche Tran while Brown was behind bars. Wait, we are still not done, then, while Tyga was with Blac Chyna, lusty Drake got extra flirtatious with her and Tyga called him out for on it on social media. He has also lusted for Nicki Minaj while with her man, guess Drake just needs "one dance."

Alicia Keys

NEW YORK - MARCH 15: Recording artists Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys attends the Gotham Magazine annual gala presented by Bing at Capitale on March 15, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Swizz Beatz;Alicia Keys

Until this very day, people in the R&B world still label Alicia Keys as a homewrecker. Back in 2008, she had a romantic affair with Swizz Beats, who was actively involved and married to singer Mashonda. The homewrecker "tag" that is ever present in the Hollywood world has been synonymous with her name since the events first occurred. Who else can we blame but Keys when she pursued Beats knowing that he was married to fellow R&B singer Mashonda. Though for years Keys constantly denied the affair, in 2011, she opened up about it, but denied it.  This caused even more of a stir for the love triangle. However, regrets are sometimes only acknowledged later on, and Keys admitted her regret when she opened up to Mashonda about the affair, in which they let bygones be bygones. And they lived happily ever after.

Ryan Phillipe

Way back in 2007, Ryan Phillippe ended his 7-year marriage with American sweetheart Reese Witherspoon when his affair with Abbie Cornish was brought forward in public. Of course, like every other celebrity case of homewreckage, in which one celebrity ruins their marriage to start another relationship — which also fails — only 3 years later, Phillipe and Cornish called it quits- classic Hollywood. There is a saying that goes "you don't know what you got until it is gone," and Phillipe did not realize that until his relationship with Cornish ended. Despite the heartbreak and evident trauma such a situation evokes, Witherspoon agreed to being on amicable terms with Phillipe when he reached out to her- smells like regret, Phillipe. They reportedly even helped each other with other recent break ups.

Elizabeth Taylor

LAS VEGAS - APRIL 03 : In this handout image provided by the Las Vegas News Bureau, Eddie Fisher poses with his soon-to-be-divorced wife Debbie Reynolds, as well as, his soon-to-be-next wife Elizabeth Taylor at the Tropicana Hotel on April 3, 1957 in Las Vegas, Nevada. kicking off the scandal of the decade. (Photo by Las Vegas News Bureau Archives via Getty Images)

Just when we thought cheating and homewrecking was a modern phenomenon in the world of Hollywood, we had Elizabeth Taylor to prove us wrong. She was such a homewrecker that people started to overlook her career because of her disastrous reputation. Taylor had so many love affairs that cheating and homewrecking became a hobby to her. Who knows how and when she found the time in between her busy schedule? The biggest scandal of all for Liz Taylor however, was the affair with Eddie Fisher, in which she betrayed her friendship with Debbie Reynolds , who had just then become a rising star on the silver screen. This all occurred when Taylor in 1956 was a widow, and Fisher decided to move in with her to console her; obviously young Reynolds was not too familiar with what could occur when a man lives alone with an "emotional" woman. And this is just one of the many scandalous stories involving Taylor and homewreckage.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears should have stopped saying "oops...I did it again" when it came to her affair with then back up dancer Kevin Federline . In 2004, when Spears decided to not only hook up with, but marry her back up dancer, her world went downhill. At that moment though, she must have been sure that what she was doing was right as she married Federline after only 3 months of dating. Now, not only did Spears make a terrible decision by marrying so quickly, but she also wrecked what was to be a marriage between Federline and his then pregnant fiancée. When her marriage ended with Federline, Spears marked quite a trail of bad decisions, which haunt her until this day. When confronted about what she regrets most in life, Federline is at the top of her list she says.

Gabrielle Union

In Hollywood it is always hard to believe what is true and what is not, however, when gossip of the same situation occurring multiple times is put in the spotlight, there must be truth to it. According to Hollywood gossip, Gabrielle Union has had more than her eyes on many husbands of women, and that proved true when her affair with Dwyane Wade was put out in the public. This happened in 2008, and at that time Wade and his then spouse had just announced their split. It was shortly after this that the term homewrecker became cemented as Union’s reputation. Union did deny the allegations, in true Hollywood style; but what came back to bite her in the behind is when an anonymous athlete's wife wrote a letter that was publicized that she had been a witness of Union's liaisons with many celebrity husbands.

Kristen Stewart

Does everyone remember when the Twilight fan world lost their minds and exploded because naïve Kristen Stewart was caught with producer Rupert Sanders ? Kristen Stewart, who was then in a relationship with Robert Pattinson got extra cozy with the then-married Sanders during the set of Snowhite and the Huntsmen. Apparently, they hit it off so well, they had to make sure their make out photos were shared with the world, as they did not shy away from the cameras. It took 6 months before these very intimate photos were shared with the public, which then led to ultimate catastrophe; Sanders' model wife filed for a divorce, which allowed the cheater and cheatee to continue their affair. Stewart and Sanders, of course, ended up calling it quits, and Stewart did express her regret for the loss of her real-life Edward Cullen — what a shame.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman , with her soft face and soul — who would have thought she'd be carrying the big "H" label as well — not us. This star may seem very shy and innocent, but it has been said that she may have been caught in some past homewrecking havoc. As mentioned before, there is always some truth to gossip in Hollywood, and sources have speculated that this star has been responsible for some homewrecking. Portman was caught between two splits in Hollywood, and that is enough to confirm the trail she made; back when Sean Penn and Robin Wright were together, Portman was causing a stir in their relationship, which ended up in split. However, the most recent incident, which can confirm that Pirates of the Caribbean star is in fact a homewrecker, was when gossip broke that she was the cause of the split between Benjamin Millepied and his then girlfriend — Millepied is now Portman's husband, go figure.

Denise Richards

Is it not girl code to not go after any man that was with your friends? In the case of Denise Richards , she was definitely not aware of the code." Her best friend and actress Heather Locklear , was married to Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora , but that quickly changed. First Richards and Sambora were caught holding hands in public, and next we know Sambora and Locklear are getting a divorce. Romances in Hollywood always seem to involve a whirlwind of emotions, but this was a very particular one as Richards was the main cause of the end of her best friend’s marriage. Though Richards and Sambora claim their relationship only began after the divorce, the facts proved otherwise. Sambora who is no longer with Richards, knows that this was both their (Sambora and Richards) biggest regret in life. Richards lost her best friend because of betrayal, and well, as for Sambora, just listen to Bon Jovi songs after the divorce.

Justin Bieber

Bieber, it is most definitely time you go and love yourself — you are ruining too many relationships. Justin Bieber , whom the Hollywood media love to have in the spotlight, has been rumored to ruining relationships constantly; whether it be with a waitress or an actress like Rita Ora. Bieber likes having his fun time, and he does not seem to shy away from pursuing women who are already having 'fun time' with another man. Ora, who was once upon a time dating DJ Calvin Harris , ended her relationship with him after she was seen spending some private time with the Biebs. As if that was not enough, Bieber, who has the hearts of so many young women, made sure he wins back the heart of former girlfriend Selena Gomez who was dating The Weeknd . Low and behold, as soon as Selena and Abel's relationship ended, she was spotted with her former beau, Bieber- how notorious of him.

Ben Affleck

There is nothing harder to believe than a man saying he regrets being with Jennifer Lopez, but we must believe the words of a man like Ben Affleck . Jennifer Lopez's relationship with Cris Judd was claimed havoc when Affleck came into the picture and swept her off her feet. According to sources, this occurred when they were both on the set of the movie Gigli, and at that point, J-lo was married to her dancer. However, Batman did not save the day, but instead, he ruined what was to be a beautiful marriage for J-lo and Judd. It was at that time that the media spoiled it all even more so for the married couple when they coined the term 'Bennifer' for the affair. And of course, like most Hollywood relationships that boom so quickly, and end so quickly, so did the Bennifer one. As for Affleck, he has, without shame, expressed his regret dating J-lo.

Alex Rodriguez

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 01: Jennifer Lopez (L) and Alex Rodriguez attend the "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between" Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Another man who does not seem to be satisfied by J-lo, Alex Rodriguez , seems to like getting himself into trouble with women. The professional baseball player is not sure where to score when it comes to women; on one base there is J-lo and the other, Laura Hunter, to visually put it. It is rumored that A-Rod has been exchanging nude photos of himself with Hunter for many years now; Hunter has exclaimed that this had been going on since 2011 when he was with actress Cameron Diaz. What is completely misunderstood by many people is how A-Rod reconnected with Hunter recently, through FaceTime, all the while being involved with J-lo. Some men just do not learn the first time, since Hunter, again, spilled the news to sources. However, it appears that J-Lo is not bothered by his sidechick — we could only assume that that is the J-Lo confidence shining through.

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