6 Reasons Why Sheldon Cooper May Cause The Big Bang Theory's Demise

The Big Bang Theory is in the middle of its 10th season, and is arguably one of television's most successful sitcoms of all time. But there may be no 11th season to follow, and the show's biggest star, Jim Parsons, may be to blame. Nothing is set in stone yet, but there is also no news of an 11th season on the show's IMDB page, which is not very comforting. Conflicting reports over the past few months have raised questions about the show's future, and some have stated that contracts for the next season are underway. But don't get too excited just yet.

Jim Parsons May Have Other Plans...

Despite the overwhelming popularity of The Big Bang Theory, the network has not confirmed that the show will go on after the end of this season. Jim Parsons, who plays the annoyingly lovable Sheldon Cooper, could potentially be the reason for the show's cancellation, should it happen. Rumors abound that he may decide to do other things with his career outside of his most successful role. If that happens, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco may follow suit.

Parsons the Producer?

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He may be best known as the scientist Sheldon, but actually, Parsons has a lot of other projects going on in his life that he may want to focus on after having been on BBT for so many years. One of those projects is that he will be a consultant and an executive producer of a BBT spin-off called Sheldon (but not act in it). It seems odd, however, to have a spin-off based on his character without him actually in the show, since BBT cannot even go on without him.

His Other Commitments

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Many people are unaware that Parsons is actually a busy producer, too. He is producing  Lance 2.0, The Monarchy is Going to Shit, Lakeside V.A., and The Terranauts.

Cancelled or Delayed

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Obviously, the man can only be stretched so thin, and so it remains in question, at least for now, what will become of BBT. If it is cancelled, millions of fans will be devastated. If it is not cancelled, there could be a delay in the release of season 11, it is reported. This would give Parsons the time he needs to do everything else. If this is the case, BBT would likely return in late 2017.

He is the Heart of the Show

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It is said that the show simply would not work without Sheldon, who is the most lovable character on BBT. And although it is a show with several main characters, it is argued by some that he is, in fact, the main protagonist. So it seems as though there will be no BBT without Jim Parsons. It is admittedly difficult to picture a BBT world sans Sheldon.

This Has Happened Before

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The comedy's three original main characters (Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco) are television's highest-paid comedy actors, who reached the one million dollar per-episode threshold in 2014 after the show was feared to be cancelled because the actors wanted more money. There have been a few times the future of BBT has been uncertain for various reasons, but they have always made it work. It would be a shame if this time they cannot.

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