50 Celebrities Who Have Famous Fake Names

There are many reasons that people will change their names. Some will do this legally and some simply by donning and using a new moniker. Maybe they just dislike their name, or have divorced and feel its time for a change. Most often people will change their name when trying to make it in the entertainment business, to something shorter, catchier and more appealing.

Whatever the reason, people do it all the time, especially celebrities. You might not ever have heard of Maurice Micklewhite, Olivia Jane Cockburn or even Diane Hall…but you surely know who Michael Caine (Micklewhite), Olivia Wilde (Cockburn) and Diane Keaton (Hall) are and these were the names with which each one was born. When the Hollywood system began, people commonly took what was a simplified version of their real names to make them easier to remember and to say. Doris Day is much simpler than Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff and Clayton Holmes Grissom chose Clay Aiken because, well its more easily memorable. Reading the lists of real names I can totally understand why many celebrities changed their names. After you have a look at some of these, you too will clearly comprehend why each of them decided to become someone else.

50. Meg Ryan Born: Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra


49. Snoop Lion (Dogg) Born: Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.


48. Tiger Woods Born: Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods


47. Whoopi Goldberg  Born: Caryn Elaine Johnson


46. LL Cool J Born: James Todd Smith


45. Queen Latifah Born: Dana Elaine Owens


44. Stevie Wonder Born: Stevland Hardaway Morris ... yes Stevland


43. Chuck Norris Born: Carlos Ray Norris

42. Rachel Zoe  Born: Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig


41. Marilyn Monroe Born: Norma Jeane Mortenson


40. Carmen Electra Born: Tara Leigh Patrick. Fun fact: It was singer Prince who chose the name, reportedly saying that she looked like a "Carmen."


39. Alan Alda Born: Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzo


38. Spike Lee Born: Shelton Jackson Lee


37. Chevy Chase Born: Cornelius Crane Chase


36. Courtney Love Born: Courtney Michelle Harrison


35. Ne-Yo Born: Shaffer Chimere Smith


34. Kat Von D Born: Katherine von Drachenberg


33. Dr. Seuss Born: Theodor Seuss Geisel


32. Tina Turner  Born: Anna Mae Bullock


31. Bret Michaels Born: Bret Michael Sychak


30. Miley Cyrus Born: Destiny Hope Cyrus


29. Marilyn Manson  Born: Brian Hugh Warner


28. Gene Simmons Born: Chaim Weitz


27. Jackie Chan Born Chan Kong-sang


26. Roman Polanski Born: Rajmund Roman Thierry Polański


25. Bruno Mars Born: Peter Gene Hernandez


24. Ricky Martin Born: Enrique Jose Martin Morales


23. Portia De Rossi Born: Amanda Lee Rogers


22. Carrot Top Born: Scott Thompson


21. Harry Houdini Born: Erik Weisz


20. Vin Diesel Born: Mark Vincent


19. Shania Twain Born: Eilleen Regina Edwards


18. Brad Pitt Born: William Bradley Pitt


17. Yves St. Laurent Born: Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent


16. Marc Anthony Born: Marco Antonio Muñiz


15. Judy Blume Born: Judith Sussman


14. Sting Born: Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner


13. Billie Holiday Born: Eleanora Fagan


12. Kirk Douglas Born: Issur Danielovitch


11. Mickey Rourke Born: Philip Andre Rourke Jr


10. Vanilla Ice Born: Robert Matthew Van Winkle


9. Sigourney Weaver Born: Susan Alexandra Weaver


8. Jamie Foxx Born: Eric Marlon Bishop


7. Alan Thicke Born: Alan Willis Jeffrey


6. Winona Ryder Born: Winona Laura Horowitz


5. Busta Rhymes Born: Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr.


4. Sir Elton John Born: Reginald Kenneth Dwight


3. Elvis Costello Born: Declan Patrick MacManus


2. Joaquin Phoenix Born: River Joaquín Rafael Bottom


1. Larry King Born: Lawrence Harvey Zeiger


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