5 Funniest Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon is definitely one-stop shopping for its customers. They have pretty much everything a customer could wan, plus a solid customer review system that ensures one is getting the best product. Even though the reviews are intended for customers to give feedback to help other customers, there are the instances where the reviews are just plain funny and entertaining.

Bic Cristal For Her Ball Pen

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While some of the reviews seem to go on and on, others are simply a few words that will make you laugh out loud. Take the BIC Cristal For Her Pen review for example. Tracy gives a hilarious review that points out how her prayers have finally been answered. She goes on to commend the men in marketing department of the company for coming up with an idea that makes her lady parts happy. That is after she remarks on how her drawings of kittens and ponies have improved because of these for her only pens. Tracy definitely brought her sarcastic A game when she reviewed this product.

Overhead Rubber Penguin Mask

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Then there is the review from Sir Chubs, who reviews a Penguin mask that he uses to scare his children and keep them in line. Seriously with a reviewer name like that, you know the review is going to be anything but ordinary. He explains how he wears it to sing lullabies to his kids, who are afraid of the mask. Apparently when the mask comes out the kids know that dad means business. Plus it scares them; so basically they do whatever he says.

Banana Slicer

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In a review that is title “Saved My Marriage” by Mrs. Toledo, she is so grateful that the Banana Slicer was invented because it saved her marriage. It is easy to tell by the way that she starts the review that is going to be absurd and hilarious. With a starting line that compares the product to the wheel, penicillin and the iPhone, there is clearly going to be a story. Mrs. Toledo gives a whole story about how the product has been a game changer in her marriage. One tale describes how the one issue tearing her marriage a part who would slice the bananas. It is one of the best reviews ever written.

Nexus Silent Wired Mouse

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Another product that is apparently a relationship saver is the Nexus Silent Wired Mouse SM-8500. According to LooseSeal’s review of the product, his constant clicking of the mouse was keeping his girlfriend awake. The hilarious reviews goes on to comment that the mouse is so silent that his lady forgets he is home and invites her lover over. It is a short, witty, laugh out loud review that will make your day.

Nike Air Foamposite One NRG

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HeroLegend555’s review of Nike Air Foamposite shoes is literally the greatest review ever. He acknowledges how expensive they are and how hard to worked to get the $3,000 shoes. He also goes on to explain how these life-changing shoes were worth every penny. The best part, which some people probably find offensive, is the end where he talks about the affect the shoes have had on his daughter. It is so wrong that is it so freaking funny right.

Amazon it is not just good for buying and selling things anymore. It is also a great place to go for free entertainment. If you have some time on your hand and are really bored, there are plenty of very funny reviews on the site that will have one laughing for days. Those reviews are not there just to let a person know if they should buy a product or not, the reviews are there for free entertainment as well. Thanks for the free entertainment Amazon, it almost makes the price of Prime worth it.

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