30 of the Most Hated Movie and TV Characters

A mixture of good writing, good acting or unfortunately sometimes exactly the opposite, an annoying, hateful, despicable character-one that you want to actually physically hurt is a rare achievement. You don’t miss the ones in which lack of talent is involved and you miss the ones in which the hard work of the team behind the character have successfully boiled up the hatred within you. Here is a long list of those fictional people that you would gladly punch in the face, provided they were of this world.

1. Game of Thrones’ King Joffrey Baratheon is Possibly the Only Child You Will Genuinely Want to Punch in the Face or Worse. Well Done Jack Gleeson. 


2. His Mother Cersei Lannister May Be Quite Beautiful and Attractive But She Equals Her Son in Maliciousness and Descpicability.


3. Phantom Menace’s Jar-Jar Binks is Possibly the Most Hated Alien in the Universe; We Never Got to See a Death Scene Sadly.


4. Gladiator’s Emperor Commodus is A Great Film Villain, One You Despise, Hate and Feel Sorry About at the Same Time, With All the Credit Going to Joaquin Phoenix’s Talent.


5. Prince Edward From Braveheart is Just as Evil as His Father But All the Malicious Likability of King Longshanks is Replaced By A Talent for Pissing Off Everybody.


6. Eli Sunday from There Will Be Blood is A Priest You Will Want to Kill With a Bowling Pin.


7. Hannah Montana is That Quintessential Character That Boys and Mature Girls Can’t Stand, Perhaps the Most Quintessential of Them All.  


8. Janice From Friends May Not be So Dislikable in The First Several Seconds of Her Surprising Appearances But The Desire to Possess a Machine Gun in Your Hands Will Fill You Up in a Matter of Minutes.


9. Denethor from The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King is Stupid, Evil and Cowardly but Let Us Give Him Points for Freeing Us From Our and His Miseries by Committing Suicide.


10. The Nazi Soldier from Saving Private Ryan Earns Our Hate By Killing First the Homesick Medic and Then Shooting in the The Main Character of the Film Who Saved His Life Early On.


11. What is Worse Than Being Trapped in a Zombie Apocalypse? It’s Surviving It Alongside an Annoying, Constantly Screaming Woman Going by the Name of Lori Grimes, Who For Some Reason Can’t Get Eaten by Zombies Fast Enough.


12. Walter White is Perhaps the Coolest, Most Badass TV Character in the History of TV Out There so It Is Only Fair That His Stupid In Comparison, Spoiled Wife Skyler is Exactly the Opposite.


13. Apart From the Fact That The Movie is an Absolute Piece of Garbage and The Kid’s Acting is Horrific, The Character of Aang Simply Tortures Us With His Laughable Kung Fu Dances While Wearing An Expression Which He Might as Well Be Using in the Toilet.


14. Robin From Batman and Robin is One Sidekick You Want to Kick Not on the Side But Right in the Face.


15. Before the Dramatic Turn Happens in Saving Mr. Banks, Pamela Travers is an Arrogant, Selfish Woman That Ruins The Well-Intentioned Plans of Walt Disney-a True Magnet for Hatred. 


16. Ruth from Titanic is That Evil English Mother Who Wants Her Daughter Stay Miserable Forever by Marrying Her for An Absolute Jerk. She Should Have Been The One to Sink.


17. Fernand Mondego from Count Monte Christo Was an Envious, Evil Hypocryte Even Before Betraying His Best Friend and Throwing Him Into A Dungeon.


18. Jack Woltz Was That Irresistbly Hateful Horse-Loving Director from The Godfather, Who Had The Guts to Oppose Don Corleone’s Offer For Some Time. He Learned Eventually.


19. Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter Series Always Gives You New Reasons to Despise and Hate Him Even if He Appears Just for a Couple of Minutes in Each of the Films.  


20. This is Rachel Ferrier or Otherwise Known as The Alien Alarm in the Time of Alien Invasion from War of the World, Who Just Had to Scream Every Time at the Top of Her Lungs. 


21. Anakin Skywalker From The Star Wars Prequels Proved With His Terrible Acting and His Annoying Whining That The Transformation Into The Horrible Darth Vader Was For The Best.


22. Bella Swan from The Twilight Saga is Probably the Most Hated Female Character Right Now Outside the Inexplicably Devoted Twilight Fans. The Reasons Are Too Many.


23. Edward is Even More Hated, Mostly by Boys, The Facebook Page: ’I Hate The Guy From Twilight’ Was Widely Popular And Still Is. This Guy is Lame, Womanly and Disrespectful.   


24. Jacob is at Edward’s Despicability Level, The Only Difference is That He is Obviously Dumber and Let’s Not Forget That He Is In Love With an Infant.


25. The Fifth Element is a Bad Enough Movie But The Screaming of Ruby Rhod Will Last = Much More Than Your Dislike for the Movie.  


26. Skids and Mudflap from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Where A Pair of Robots Who Did Not Know How To Read, Talk, Drive, Fight or Transform Properly for That Matter.  


27. Upham from Saving Private Ryan is the Epitome of a Coward Who Deserves to Die. He is the Only One of the Two Fighting the Nazis, If You Can Call That Fighting, Who Survives. 


28. Warden Norton, the Warden of Shawshank Prison Deserved Much More Than a Bullet Through His Head for The Atrocities He Committed Regarding His Inmates. 


29. Alice Ward Is Not a Good Mother, a Good Family Member but Is a Damn Good Actress (Melissa Leo) and That is Why We Hate Her so Much Before She Makes Friends Again With Her Son.  


30. Miranda Priestly is a Ruthless, Commanding, Self-Important, Typically Nasty Boss and Under Meryl Streep’s Acting Talent, There is No Way We Ignore Her Negative Qualities.  

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