30 of the Biggest TV Meltdowns on Record

When was the last time that you truly lost it? Ask yourself if you would do so knowing that you are on air and that there is permanent danger that you will end up on the Internet. Imagine just how angry and careless you must be in order to go into a state of all-caps, search and destroy, rage with zero percent of interest in the opinion of others in front of cameras. Luckily for the sake of our entertainment there have been more than a handful of those cases. Here are 30 of the biggest Meltdowns ever caught on record.

1. Rage Bursts Are Considered a Technical Difficulty on Live Air.

2. This Epic Angry Coach Freak Out is Insane, Funny and Ingenious in Equal Measure.

3. The Ghetto Reporter is Perhaps The Single Funniest Meltdown of All Times-Still to be Bested or Matched.

4. Another Unquestionable Legend in the Popular Meltdown Section is the Secretly Recorded World of Warcraft Fan Who Got His Account Cancelled.

5. At 1:12 We Get The Climax Point to a Very Decent Sports Baseball Meltdown.  

6. One of the Most Popular Coach Indoor Meltdowns Ever, This is Worth Seeing Just for That 360 Degrees Phone Throw.

7. Ah, The Office-the Most Quiet Place in the World and Therefore One of the Best For Meltdowns.

8. Angriest Press-Conference Start In Known History.

9. Hockey Matches Have Seen Worse Than That But Even This Coach Meltdown is a Rarity for The Icy Arena. 

10. The Best Opening of a Door Ever Recorded.

11. What Is Really Happening in the Off Air Moments in Evening News Reports.

12. Tennis is One of Those Sports That Very Frequently Provokes Meltdowns and This One is Quite Fresh and Quite Noisy.

13. It’s Always a Good Thing to Keep Count on Exactly How Many Rackets You Brought To the Match So That You Know Just How Many You Can Destroy.

14. A Great Meltdown is Not Great Without Some Awesome Angry Foreign Accent

15. The Absoulte King of Tennis Meltdowns-John McEnroe

16. Still Perhaps The Most Savage and Memorable of All Tennis Meltdowns

17. Stuff That Stupid Miserable Racket in That Bin and Close it So That The Stupid Thing Doesn’t Get Out, Hell Yeah!

18. What Happens When a Reporter Asks An Angry Sport Player The Wrong Question.

19. Yes, an Animal Attacked (Sort Of) But That Reaction Was More Than Exaggerated.

20. That Station Break Could Not be Sooner. 

21. One of the Most Heated Press Conference Speeches Around.

22. Now Here is What Happens When Paparazzi and Reporters Don't Respect Privacy.

23. Appearances Can Be Deceptive and The Seemingly Calm Office Environment Masks A Lot of Tension. Luckily for Us-Not Always.

24. Glitchy Office Computers Can Be Just As Annoying As People.

25. Bad Way To Fire an Employee Equals Bad Way to React to Bad News from the Boss

26. When he Smashes Down the Guitar He Sort of Looks Like an Overweight WarCraft III Paladin but Without All That Holiness.  

27. Worst and Most Popular MacDonald’s Meltdown.

28. An Angry Girl Waiting For Pizza Proves That It is Not The Employee’s Fault.   

29. Full Hundred Percent Rage All Because of the Word ‘Bacon’?

30. When It Doesn’t Work Three Times, The Fourth Time Requires More Drastic Measures.

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