30 Badass Modern Screen Warriors

We all secretly look up to those cold-blooded, awesomely acting fictional individuals, who kick ass, punish the bad guys, deliver memorable one-liners, do whatever they want but are still an example of a solid moral centre and make you feel epic yourself. Not many of those left in the real world, if any. This is why it is always a good idea to come back to those movie and television heroes and be reminded of what you can aspire to become in your real life. Here are 30 of the most badass modern screen warriors.

1. His Name is Maximus Decimus Meridius and He is An Absolute Badass Whose Name You Will Want To Shout Alongside 50 000 Romans.



2. The Man Who is Fighting With the Biggest Sword Imaginable And an Ice Pick and Who Loves To Shout Freedom-William Wallace.



3. Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas of Sparta is At His Best When He is Uttering One-Liners and When He is Fighting in Slow Motion.



4. Meet the Ancient Greek with the Biggest Kill-Streaks in History-Brad Pitt’s Achilles.



5. The Most Important Rules of Fight Club are Actually To Listen to Tyler Durden When He is Talking to You and To Defend Yourself When He is Fighting You.



6. Regardless of His Tragic Death, Oberyn Martell From Game of Thrones Season 4 Will Always Remain a Badass With His Careless Attitude, Bold Choices and Superb Fighting Skills.



7. Titus Pullo Doesn’t Care About The Rules, The Roman Empire, The Commands of His Captains or Those of His Friends. All he Cares About is Killing and Women.



8. Optimus Prime However Cares About Everything-From The Littlest Life Form to The Largest One, Even Though A Powerful Alien Robot Like Him Should Not Have Worries At All.



9. Bumblebee is Not a Commander But He Sure As Hell Knows How to Kill a Decepticon in the Coolest Ninja-Like Manner Possible.



10. Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood Might Not Have Been In A Very Good Movie But His Archery Skills Are a Wonder To Behold.   



11. Zaitsev is In Modern-Day Slag an Aim-bot With a Sniper Rifle.  



12. Khan, The Greatest Badass of the Star Trek Universe-Maybe Evil but This is as Far as His Negative Qualities Go-Otherwise He's Better at Everything.  



13. Legolas From The Lord of the Rings is a Killing Machine Too, Only He Is Using a Bow and He Can’t Really Be Touched By an Enemy, Let Alone Killed.



14. Aragorn is Not Simply The King of Humanity, He Also Has An Awesome Sword And He Is Perfectly Willing of Taking On Armies With Odds 1 to 100 At The Least.  



15. Gandalf is Simply Put the Coolest Wizard in the History of Fantasy.  



16. If You Need To Disarm a Bomb Seargant James From The Hurt Locker is Definitely Your Man.  



17. The Dark Lord Sauron Appears For Not More Than a Minute in the Movie But His Armor, His Movements and the Way He Kills Twenty Enemies Per Strike is Quite Enough.



18. Thorin Oakenshield has an Awesome Back Story, an Awesome Voice and Awesome Fight Skills Making Him The Most Badass Dwarf in Middle Earth or Any Other Earth Ever.



19. William Munny Might Be Old and Slow But Once He Gets a Gun In His Hand, Clint Eastwood Becomes More Badass Than Ever.



20. Private Daniel Jackson Can Shoot Anything From Anywhere in The Coolest Manner Possible. In Saving Private Ryan, He Confirmed That By Shooting An Enemy Sniper Through His Visor from Half a Mile Away.



21. Batman Has a Batpod, a Tumbler, a Number of Awesome Gadgets, Ninja Fighting Skills and The Most Awesome Suit in the World But The Reason Why He is So Awesome? Because He’s Batman.



22. The Winter Soldier is Perfectly Displayed In Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A Metal Arm, Superhuman Strength, Incredible Fight Skills.



23. Bane is Difficult to Understand But His Actions Speak Alone For Him: Breaking Batman Through His Superior Strength and Wits and His Affinity to Destroying Cities. 



24. Rarely Have We Witnessed Such a Cool Female Warrior as Avatar’s Neytiri-a Girl Riding Flying Dragons, Gigantic Forest Beasts and Killing Human Generals With The Biggest, Most Awesome Bow Imaginable.



25. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is Vicious, Powerful, Immortal, Noble and Who Can Resist His Triple Hand Blades?


26. Arnold Schwarzeneger’s Terminator Will Forever Remain The Greatest of Artificial Intelligence Warriors with His Human Heroism and Machine Fire Power.



27. The Bride is an Attractive Deadly Female Fighter With All The Bloodthirsty Coolness of Quentin Tarantino’s Imagination.



28. Stylish, Deadly and British as Hell, James Bond is An Agent of High Class Especially Through The Heart and Mind of Daniel Craig.



29. Mat Damon Will Always Be Remembered as a Badass for The Portrayal of the Insanely Skilled Agent Jason Born. 



30. Perhaps the Most Controversial Warrior in Fiction Ever, The Little Hit Girl is Nonetheless Awesome, Deadly, Funny and Extremely Likable for Those Who Have the Guts to Accept Her.



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