25 Ways Not to Propose to a Girl

A marriage proposal will surely be a memorable moment in your life and this is why it is extremely important for you not to turn it into the most embarrassing one you will have ever experienced. Of course if your partner runs away from you at the speed of Usein Bolt at the moment of your proposition (which is the usual case) it is clearly obvious you haven’t had much experience in relationships. Either way, you need to see those slow, painful, sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, full of cringe-worthy moments, twenty five videos of failed married proposals, just as a fair warning.

1. Perhaps One Surprise Was Quite Enough for the Evening

2. The Origins of a Bad Family Legend that will be Remembered for Generations to Come

3. We’ve Been Together for Two Weeks, Marry Me, Honey or I will Kill You.

4. ‘Just Say Yes, Say Yes’-if you are going to fail at a proposal, try not to sound so obviously despaired.

5. A Guy who, had to Dodge from a Mini-Train in the Middle of his Proposal Only to be Finished off by His Girl with a Min-Guitar from the Serenade he arranged for her.

6. See What Happens when a Recital, a Karaoke and a Proposal are Insufficient for her to say ‘Yes’.

7. A Five Thousand Member Audience Watching a Proposal for a Wedding Nobody Will be a DJ of.

8. Quite Straightforwardly Easily One of the Most Brutal Proposal Failures Ever.

9. It Might Be Just the Video Record but She Seemed like Running Away at Too Great a Speed.

10. This Best-Selling Author is Either Very Unlucky or Quite Brilliant for Attracting Attention to his New Book Presentation in this Way.

11. Whatever Tension Was There Between the Two Teams, It was Gone after This Break

12. Rumour Has It He Has Been Waiting for a Response Until This Very Day

13. Incredibly Romantic Idea 101: Wedding Ring Attached to a Helium Balloon (Out in the Open)

14. Failure in Front a Few People Might Be Just as Painful, Especially for the One Surprised.

15. Sometimes the Problem is in the Audience: This one Was Booing, not Cheering.

16. However, Sometimes the Problem is not in the Audience: The Guy Here is Bad Enough.

17. Well, Neither of them is Going to the Jesus Jam Anymore.

18. A Times Square Fail is Always Bad but At Least There Wasn’t an Image of Them on the Big Screens.

19. You Know it Wasn’t Going to Have a Happy Ending When Those Dancers Started Clearing Out.

20. For Three Years and the Place They First Met, That Was a Quick ‘No’

21. Here is One Marriage Proposal That Will Make Every Single Person with a Soul Cringe Uncomfortably.

22. At Least No One Really Managed to Realize Something Embarrassing Was Happening

23. If you Really Concentrate During That Silence You Will Realize it is Absolutely Unbearable.

24. The Slap Treatment Has Only One Advantage: It Lets You Forget the Shame Because It Physically Hurts. Ouch.

25. Yeah, maybe after all, it is best to run right after the girl, when she leaves: the sooner you leave the place of humiliation, the better.

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