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21 Things You Secretly Love About Sex and the City

21 Things You Secretly Love About Sex and the City

Do you remember the noughties? When Sex and the City was  still running and no one had yet noticed how vapid, snobbish and universally rich-white-girl the world of Carrie and co. was in New York? Since the show ended in 2004, there has been a harsh backlash against the cosmopolitan lifestyle of these New York socialites whose vices of sex, shoes and sex undermine the real-life complexities of most people in the city. It’s clear to us all now that with the occasional exceptions of Miranda, no one in Sex and The City had a believable life. From Carrie’s fabulous apartment and life as a journalist (haha!) to Charlotte’s fabulous life as a Park Avenue divorcée (HAHA!), their was a gilded world of Manolos, Cosmos and unending parties. They all also somehow managed to miraculously live in the city without ever using the subway as a form of transport.

In spite of this criticism of the show however, there are plenty of us who still have a soft spot for the show. Whether it was the clothes, the aspirational lifestyles of the characters, or the magic of the city in which it was set, Sex and the City still captures much of our hopes, dreams and indeed failures of our lives. We may nowadays see Carrie as too self-involved, but this is something we most likely are all guilty of at some point. In tribute thent to the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of these characters, we compiled the 25 things you secretly love about the show.

1. The girls eat like real Grown Ups!


If only there were drive-ins for Cosmopolitans, and if only we could afford them…


2. These women champion their independence…

large (1)

3. … But they admit being single is difficult.


4. Thankfully, Samantha reminds us to focus on ourselves.


5. Which is exactly what the girls do…


6. Again…

satc sam

7. And Again…


8. And Again…



9. Of course, Carrie’s thought-provoking philosophy often gives us reasons to reach for a drink.

men freaks

10. Her words of wisdom range from the Sublime…


11. To the Sensible…


12. To the potentially ridiculous…

13. But the important thing is that these women are always honest with each other.

advice SATC

14. This honesty was refreshing for TV, and could be applied to all areas of life.

Samantha philo

15. Miranda is the one who really asks the serious questions.

miranda question

16. While Charlotte has an altogether different outlook on the world.


17. Amid all that, Carrie was always the voice of reason.

realist carrie

18. And with Moments like this


19. And This


20. And even This


21. It’s impossible not to love them!


Well, at least until the films were released anyway…

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