25 Of The Coolest Hotels Around the World

Hiltons and Holiday Inns are a dime-a-dozen. Everyone has staying in one at a certain point or another; they all tend to offer the same features and follow the same schemes. The name brand, chain hotels seem to blend together after having stayed at enough of them. These hotels will stand out and draw visitors from all around the world just so tourists can say, "I stayed there."

1. Out N About Tree House Resort

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Out N About Tree House Resort is probably the perfect vacation spot for “kids of all ages.” The southern Oregon treesort offers treehouse accommodations of varying levels of luxury, and the method of travel between treehouses? Ziplines. Yes – you read that correctly. Ziplines.

2. The Loop Inn

Loop Inn

Located in Avenel, New Jersey, The Loop Inn is the kind of hotel in which teenagers rent rooms for prom after spending half of the year saving. The inn offers themed rooms that feature a giant champagne glass jacuzzi, a jungle theme, and the typical “heart bed, heart tub, heart everything” theme.

3. Magic Mountain Hotel

This architectural anomaly located in Panguipulli, Chile actually looks like its name. The stone “mountain” appears to be spewing a constant stream of waterfalls from its vegetation-covered stone walls.

4. Nothofagus Hotel and Spa

Huilo Huilo

Another gem hidden away in Panguipulli, Nothofagus is just as architecturally unique as our #3, in it's own very interesting way. The hotel is shaped in an expanding tier fashion; growing larger as it reaches the top. The primary building material is hard wood, treated to hold on to its natural beauty.

5. La Balade des Gnomes

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This incredible hotel is located in Belgium and designed to resemble a Trojan Horse. The rooms are decorated in an almost fairy-tale-like fashion with some pretty incredible and unique features.

6. V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel

If you really love your cars and are looking for an excuse to sleep in a car bed as an adult, never fear, this car-themed hotel in Böblingen, Germany can help you scratch that itch. The hotel offers Mercedes, Morris Minor, and VW themes.

7. The Pavilion


The Pavilion is the Hard Rock Cafe of hotels. Located in central London, this lavishly decorated hotel is themed with a funky, psychedelic rock lifestyle in mind; pictures of rock stars and actors reinforce the feel.

8. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel

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The Bournemouth, England hotel is sometimes referred to as “the perfect place to mend a broken heart.” Individual rooms come with a selection of house-made chocolates and chocolate-themed entertainment set up by the DVD players. The hotel's menu offers a wide variety of, you guessed it, chocolate.

9. Iglu-Dorf Engelberg

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This Swiss hotel gets rebuilt in part by artists every December. It is exactly what it sounds like; a system of intricately designed igloos. The amazing structure boasts a structure entirely comprised of snow and ice; right down to the staircases.

10. Reino Fungi Lodge

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Panguipulli, Chile is home to some very interesting hotels; specifically in the Hulio Hulio Biological Reserve. The Reino Fungi Lodge is similar to Nothofagus on its interior, but the outside structure is designed to look like a giant, three-story mushroom.

11. Featherbed Railroad

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The Nice, California hotel sure is nice. Each “room” is actually a gutted and refinished caboose. The caboose rooms come in a variety of themes to choose from. Themes vary from the Lover's Caboose to Wild Wild West and The Orient Express.

12. Euro Space Center

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Transinne, Belguim is home to what is possibly the coolest space themed hotel that has even been conceived of – because it is so much more than a hotel. Patrons of the Euro Space Center can experience astronaut training, educational lectures, and simulation exercises; all in some pretty cool looking digs.

13. Neemrana Fort Palace


The converted fort/palace in the Alwar disctrict of Rajasthan, India is the kind of hotel that equals a vacation in itself; even if it didn't happen to be located in an extremely beautiful area northern India. The palace was built in 1464 and restored in 1986; both time periods could belie some interesting aesthetic choices in decorating. The multi-tiered hotel is so resplendent that even the bathrooms have a nice view.

14. Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita

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This subterannean gem was restored from the previously abandoned caves in the Basilicata village of Matera in Southern Italy. The astonishingly beautiful stonework has been restored to its original glory with a few modern trappings the hotel offers 18 rooms in an exquisite historic setting.

15. Hobbit House

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Montana's Hobbit House is the perfect destination for the U.S. fans of Lord of the Rings who can't fly out to New Zealand because of the price tag, or because it's just an unthinkably long flight. The man made shire is an adorable replica of the Tolkien fantasy location, complete with the iconic round, green doors.

16. Hotel Viking


Located in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland, this Viking themed hotel is exactly what it sounds like. The rooms are furnished in traditional Viking fashion; filled with furs, leather and hard wood. Guests can participate in arts and crafts activities, or lounge in the rock walled sauna or spa pool.

17. Woodlyn Park

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New Zealand's Woodlyn Park is an interesting site because it allows guests to stay in multiple converted vehicles. Guests can choose from lodgings in a converted train, plane, boat, or cave. While not advertised as such, the caves have a feel reminiscent to a hobbit hole.

18. Icehotel

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Like Iglu-Dorf Engelberg, Icehotel is rebuilt from snow every year in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden by a team of skilled workers experienced in the art of snow construction. What sets it apart from Iglu-Dorf and other snow hotels is that Icehotel has been known to sport elaborately themed rooms; like a suite modeled after the aesthetic from Tron: Legacy.

19. Wonderland House

Riuso Decor

Wonderland house is another establishment that lets its straightforward name speak for itself. The Alice in Wonderland themed hotel is more of a luxury resort located in Brighton, England. Patrons can sit on giant teacups in the Madhatter Dining Room, or spend the night in whimsical themed rooms. The hotel even has a smaller sister-business located in Lanes and called, The Looking Glass Cottage.

20. Seven Hotel

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The theme for Paris' Seven Hotel isn't The Seven Deadly Sins; its Bond. James Bond; 007. Seven offers rooms themed in a sleek, almost nightclub style to compliment their MI6 themed aesthetic. Bond fanatics can choose from a variety of differently themed suites; unfortunately, none of which have suggestive names.

21. Vice Versa


Fooled you on that last one. Paris is home to a Seven Deadly Sins themed hotel, and its called Vice Versa. Vice Versa has seven floors; each designed to “immerse you in a world of sin.” sounds pretty great. It should go without saying that each floor is designed to cater to a specific theme; sinful guests might have a hard time choosing between the elaborate and luxurious suites.

22. Torre Prendiparte

Emilia Delizia

The tower in Bologna, Italy once served as a medieval defense tower and prison. After being converted into a residence by Matteo Giovanardi, the 12 floor tower with a frighteningly lovely roof terrace was opened to the public as a private resort for two. The extensive restoration left the 900 year old tower an ideal historical location for a romantic getaway.

23. Gypsy Caravan

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The beautiful, brightly colored caravans pictured with wandering gypsies possess a warm, inviting draw. Helston, England is home to a unique little resort that is perfect for anyone who has ever been curious about what it is like to stay in one of those whimsical caravans.

24. Jules Undersea Lodge

Art Sea Chic

The Key Largo hotel is an underwater capsule that guests must access by scuba diving 21 feet beneath the surface of the ocean. Once inside, the digs feel somewhat like an old RV, which might not necessarily be comfortable to everyone. Beano is a vacation staple for this one.

25. Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

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As with most nursery rhymes, the horrifying tale of Lizzie Borden could be responsible for many a childhood nightmare. For those who simply can't get enough, the scene of the crime has been turned into a cute, if not slightly morbid bed and breakfast, giving patrons the opportunity to stay in the very rooms where the murders took place.

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