25 of Jose Mourinho's Best Faces

Jose Mourinho-a true celebrity in modern football and a man that never fails to entertain the crowd in one way or another. Critics call him ‘the specialist’, fans call him a genius, and Barcelona fans call him bad words but Mr. Mourinho doesn’t even have to say anything. All he has to do is to make a face and you can tell by it exactly what he wants to say or do to someone. The world’s most talked about coach might not only be the best, but also the most expressive, passionate, funny and photogenic one.

1. A Good Coach is Always There to Challenge the Opponent With the Brutal Tricks of Five-Year Olds.


2. A Bad Day for The Specialist: Looking like a Raged FIFA player who is mad at the controls.


3. What is Actually Happening: Looking at the Score; How it Looks Like: ‘But Mom, I want that candy!’


4. Don Corleone is in town and he is giving the ‘I’m going to whack him’ face.


5. That Moment When You Are Asked When Are You Going to Win The Champions League with Chelsea


6. Evil Face in the Shadows-The Specialist is Plotting Bad Things for the Judge


7. Imagine if Instead of a Champions League Logo There Was a Prisoner Number.



8. Jose Mourinho is Explaining Something About the Best Footballs He Has Ever Played With.


9. Admit It-As Silly as It Looks We All Want to Do that When a Soap Balloon Flies In-He is Just the Only One with Guts to Do it on a Football Match


10. Mr. Mourinho, What Are Your Chances of Almost Winning the Champions League but Losing Brutally Right Before the End? –Not Bad


11. Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Left Internazionale.



12. The Number of Goals Chelsea Scored in the Last Champions League Final…Minus One.


13. Jose Mourinho’s Face While Watching Chelsea-Barcelona in the 2011-2012 Champions League.


14. Jose Mourinho’s Usual Face While a Team of His is Playing Against Barcelona.


15. The Specialist Has Things Under Control


16. Mourinho this Happy is Not Such a Frequent Thing to Behold in Read Madrid.


17. Now That’s More Like It



18. Jose Mourinho Spotting Superman Above The Stadium

19. Just Fraction Away from the Positive ‘Not Bad’ Face, This is The Specialist Being Close to Blowing Up from Anger. 


20. ‘You Have Got to be Kidding Me’ Mourinho Expression


21. When Mourinho Loses Great Tournaments That’s How Close He Usually Gets to Winning Them.


22. Even the Most Evil Mourinho Can Still Makes You Grin


23. The Classic Face for an Average Barcelona Bribed Judge: Mourinho Version


24. ‘I am Too Old For This’ Face Although Of Course He and His Faces Never Get Old.


25. Coaching in England: The Mourinho Face in That Wonderful, Wonderful Weather

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