24 VERY Short-Lived TV Sitcoms

A strong storyline with a handful of interesting characters are the basis of a classic sitcom. Maybe the producers responsible for the sitcoms on this list should bear that in mind...otherwise they will forever produce half-baked productions that last quicker than a blink of an eye.

1. After Mash


Aired in 1983, the spin-off to a classic sitcom is sure to generate fans in no time...but the ratings struggled to take off and it was severely panned by critics - and  as a result, the show was cancelled in the second season.

2. Big Day


It will be a huge surprise if everyone remembered this show - it premièred in November 2006...and ended in January 2007.  At least it survived the festive season - well just about!

3. Cavemen


If you remember this show, I'll give you the cash prize myself! This has to be the SHORTEST sitcom in history...it was first aired in October 2007 and was cancelled by 2 November 2007. Ouch!

4. All That Glitters


This poor show didn't stand a chance in hell as it was ill-received before its debut! So it comes to no surprise that the 1977 production lasted just 13 weeks on air.

5. Ferris Bueller


Here's another one that didn't have a chance in hell! Based on John Hughes' 1986 hit, "Ferris Bueller's Days Off", the sitcom was abruptly cancelled within the first season in 1991. The production was so bad that Hughes denied producers to use his name for promotion. One good thing came out of this car crash, a star was born - do you recognize her?

6. Joey


The Friends spin-off first hit the screens on September 2004 - but halfway through the season, the NBC production went on a 'lengthy hiatus.' It made a return in March 2006 - but was cancelled by May 2006 due to poor ratings . Ok, it had a good(ish) run, but for a spin-off from one of the biggest sitcoms in our time, it's really bad!

7. Daddy's Girl


Not even Dudley Moore could save this half-baked program -only three episodes was aired in 1994.

8. Hello, Larry


There were high expectations for the NBC show, based on McLean Stevenson's association with M*A*S*H. However, the 1979 production was panned by TV critics for being 'poorly written'.  Comedy sketches often used the half-hour show as a point of reference when disaster strikes. Despite becoming a constant punchline, the NBC show survived two seasons and 35 episodes, ending in April 1980.

9. Kath & Kim


Out of all the sitcoms featured, this one had some glimmer of hope - well just about! The US version of the Australian sitcom was first aired on Seven Network in Australia and was cancelled after the second episode. NBC picked up the series in October 2009 for the full season of 22 episodes. The production was then cut to 17 episodes and by May 2010, the show got the chop.

 10. Life With Lucy


Starring the late, great Lucille Ball, this sitcom is sure to be a MASSIVE hit. WRONG. Just after eight episodes, the show vanished from the screens on November 1986, just less than a month of airtime. The very short-lived show knocked the confidence out of Ms Ball and she never appeared in any TV shows or films after this sitcom - God rest her soul!

11. Man up


The ABC production ran from October to December 2011 before being axed for poor ratings. After the cancellation, all episodes were available on ABC website up to January 2012, before being removed.

12. Work It


The 2012 cross-dressing sitcom was a replacement to the cancelled, Man Up...the funny thing is the show lasted SEVEN DAYS on air!

13. Me and My Chimp


This 1972 show was considered one of the worst TV sitcoms in the history of American television by critics and viewers. The CBS production ran from January-April 1972 - well that's longer than most sitcoms on here. However the fact it made good material for comedians went on for years.

14. The Paul Reiser Show


Starring Mad About You star, Paul Reiser, this 2011 sitcom had the lowest-ratings in NBC's history and was cancelled after just two episodes.

15. Public Morals


If you think The Paul Reiser Show had rough ride, this 90s sitcom was cancelled after just one episode!

16. My Mother, The Car


Starring Jerry Van Dyke, this 1960s sitcom was detested by viewers and critics at the time and in 2002 it made history by earning the number two spot on the TV Guide's Worst Shows of All Time List...just behind the Jerry Springer Show. Nice.

17. The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer


Before it even hit the screen, this 80s program cause a massive uproar. Why? Because of its 'light-hearted' view of American slavery. After four episodes, the show was understandably cancelled, only lasting less than a month on air.

18. We Are Men


Dubbed the male Sex and the City by Entertainment Weekly, the sitcom didn't share the same success - it ran from 30th September - 7th October 2013. Maybe there was too much flesh on show and not enough wit?

19. Mr T and Tina


Aired in the fall of 1976, the ABC production made television history as the first Asian sitcom...and it made history as one of the short-lived sitcom, as only five episodes was aired.

20. All American Girl


In an attempt to do better than Mr T and Tina, ABC launched another Asian-community-based show, All American Girl...and the 90s production did better -well, only just - it run from September 1994 -March 1995 with 19 episodes shown. Despite having Oprah Winfrey, Jack Black and Quentin Tarantino as guest stars, the show was widely panned by critics.

21. George


He may be one of the greatest boxers of all time, but George Foreman is no Emmy-award winning actor. The show ran from November 5, 1993 to January 19, 1994 - well at least it survived the festive season.

22. Homeboys in Outer Space


Just the name of the sitcom (plus the tacky picture) makes you wanna  reach for the sick bucket. Amazingly this UPN production survived 21 episodes, running from August 1996 - May 1997. It was the relentless bad reviews from critics that eventually got these Homeboys off the screen.

23. Back In The Game


The 2013 production debuted 25 September...less than three months later, ABC pulled the plug on the series. The cancellation is a mystery as it received raving reviews from TV critics. However E!Online said the show was not original enough 'to score a big audience.'

24. Ironside


OK, it's not a sitcom, but it definitely deserves a place on the list. Starring Blair Underwood, as the paraplegic detective, the remake of the 1960s series was first aired in 2 October 2013...and ended on 18 October 2013. What a great comeback.

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