22 Instagram Pics You May Be Guilty Of Taking

Just this past week in Toronto, Canada, a photographer and mom had her Instagram account removed for violating their policies with her latest photo. What was in the pic? The Globe and Mail reports that Heather Bays captured her youngest daughter breastfeeding. Bays said it was a special moment as it's probably one of the last times she'll ever be breastfeeding; Instagram said it conflicted with their no-nudity policy.

While a breastfeeding shot might not be a picture you see on Instagram every day, we do have a list of photos many of us are guilty of taking, some not so much. Here's a look at some of the biggest offenders:

22. #NoMakeup Selfie 

21. The Classic Selfie

20. But First "Let Me Take a Selfie" Selfie

19. OOTD - Outfit of the Day 

18. The Duck Face

17. Mirror Photos

Even when you have to work for it, like leaning in a window or something...

And of course, literally mirror-image photos.

16. The Game Day "We-Are-Ready!" Shot

15. Working on My Fitness Photo Op

... Physically and Mentally!

And when you're done...

Post-workout selfie usually comes with a post-workout snack:

14. I'm Sooooo Sick, Here's Proof

13. Photos from Bed

12. Selfies in the Bathroom

And the ones that are probably on the toilet...

The ones that are in the toilet... wait, what? That usually doesn't happen...

11. Getting Your Drink On

10. Drunk Pics

9. Posing with Friends aka the Group Shot

You'll never have fear of missing out photos if you're taking these!

8. Vacation Pictures

And I'm looking hot on vacation:

7. Feet Instas: Sexy Shoes, Fabulous Pedicures 

6. Booty Shots

5. The I-Got-Photobombed! Images 

This latter picture mixes the photobomb with the celeb close encounter since part of One Direction visible in the background.

4. Bragging about a Celeb Close Encounter

3. Photos of the Weather

2. Sunsets and Sunrises

1. #FoodPorn

Whether it's breakfast...


or dinner!

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