20 Things Guys Do When Their Girlfriends Aren't Home

1. Watch Porn With Surround Sound

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2. Eat Messy Finger Foods In Bed

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3. Watch Porn In 3D

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4. Check Your Facebook History, Updates, And The Profiles Of Every Friend You've Ever Had

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5. Watch Porn With The Lights Off With Glow Sticks

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6. Play Video Games In Their Boxers Listening To R&B Music Because It's Relaxing

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7. Torment The Pets

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8. Flirt With Their Boys And SnapChat Their Loneliness

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9. Watch 5 Hours Of Netflix Eating Takeout

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10. Watch Girls Twerk On Youtube Then They Delete The Browser History

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11. Rearrange Furniture The Way They Would If They Lived alone 

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12. Invite Friends Over You Don't Approve Of 

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13. Go Through Your Panty Drawer


14. Buy Things And Blame It On Impulsive 


15. Cheat Like There's No Tomorrow 


16. Breaks Things And Then Replaces Them Before You Get Home

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17. Skip Showering 

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18. Make A Mess In The Kitchen 


19. Text You 500 Messages That No Working Person Can Reply To 

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20. Watch Chick Flicks Back To Back

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