20 Stupid And Adventurous Things We All Did As Kids

Let's be honest, there was nothing better than being a child: no job, no bills to pay and ample free time meant more than enough opportunity for fun and play. Before the existence of the iPad, kids actually used their imagination to keep themselves occupied.

Here is a list of 20 stupid and adventurous things we all did as kids sans technology.

1. Using your arm as a canvas/notepad/sketchbook

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A variation of this is still practiced today, though sharpies now substitute for pens and not much other than male genitalia is drawn for artistic purposes.

2. Preparing for your future mixologist career

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Involved mixing a variety of flavours in one cup, except the drink was virgin and your soda selection was limited to what fast-food chain you were at.

3. Hanging upside down on the monkey bars

And failing miserably.

4. Saving yourself from the lava

Because it really did burn when you touched the ground.

 5. Building your home within a home

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Your parents' assistance was appreciated during set-up but it was subsequently made clear that they were not to step foot in it once completed.

6. Making ice cream soup

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Despite cramping of the hand, ice-cream never tasted so good. Unless of course, you mixed it too much and it became watery.

7. Angering the mall security guard

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By walking up the "down" escalator.

8. Catching wild animals

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The excitement you felt for your newfound pet was short-lived once you took it home and your parents demanded you set it free.

9. "Under-doggies"

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It was all fun and games until someone got kicked in the face; "by accident," of course.

10. Pretending to be somebody you're not

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Obviously over the phone as a prank call.

11. Stealing from your neighbours

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Their flowers, duh.

12. The kid version of a cardio workout

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Or as kids like to call it, nicky nicky nine doors.

13. Climbing slides

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Only to have someone slide down and knock you to the ground.

14. Egging houses

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Apparently, J Biebs didn't get the memo that this was a childish thing to do.  Here's to hoping you did.

15. Playing your favourite house party game

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Spin The Bottle. That awkward moment when it lands on a person of the same sex, amirite?

16. Sliding down handrails

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And hopefully making it out alive.

 17. Licking frozen poles

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Why someone would have the desire to lick a frozen pole is beyond me.  On second thought, never mind.

18. Pretending to get to first base

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Otherwise known as "Seven Minutes in Heaven" and probably consisted of awkward banter and formulating a cover story.

19. Climbing trees

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Climbing was fun, coming down...yea, no.

20. "Mooning" people

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The best way to make a girl blush...or run away crying.


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