20 Smoking Hot Star Wars Girl Pictures That Will Brighten Your Day

The love/hate relationship that audiences have with George Lucas and the Star Wars saga that he created has been examined in documentaries, books and other various types of media. Regardless of your stance on the franchise, it has created a vast cultural phenomenon of fan worship all across the globe. This is especially true for female fans dressing up as their favorite characters from the films.

In honor of May the 4th, along with the recent announcement of the cast for Episode VII, here are twenty pictures that will make you love Star Wars no matter how much you hate George Lucas for creating Jar-Jar Binks.

All pictures have been found from various posts on Tumblr, PInterest, and Flickr unless stated otherwise.

20. Emily O. - Female Han Solo

Emily shows us that she shoots first when dressing up as Han Solo. Check out her website if you want to see more.

19. Unknown Rebel Pilot From ForceGirls

I'm glad to see that the Rebels are recruiting pilots who don't look like Porkins. Here is the ForceGirls Tumblr page.

18. Adrienne Curry - Imperial Officer

I'm pretty sure that the fetish "enhancements" aren't standard Imperial issue. I'm also pretty sure that no one cares.

17. Unknown Female Boba Fett at San Diego Comic-Con

This classic picture from 2010 makes me think that it would've been great if Boba Fett was a woman all along.

16. Courtney Black - Darth Talon

via futureclassx.com

This stunning picture is a classic. Darth Talon is from the Extended Universe, which may no longer be canon but it inspired a lot of great cosplay.

15. Courtney Cruz - Stormtrooper

Courtney produces and plays the part of a stormtrooper in a Star Wars burlesque show in California. Yeah, you read that right. Move along, move along...

14. Bailey Moore - Stormtrooper with Lightsabers

via ilovebodyart.com

Here is a sexy woman wielding lightsabers, wearing body paint and a stormtrooper helmet. What more can you ask for?

13. Unknown Female C-3PO

Another example from the Star Wars burlesque show. I couldn't find out who is rocking this costume but she is making me look at C-3PO in a strange way.

12. Sara Underwood - Padme

This list wouldn't have been complete without this classic Padme cosplay by Sara Underwood. Not everything about the prequels is bad.

11. Heather1337 - Boba Fett

Heather1337 is a fairly famous cosplayer from Florida. Is it sad that the way she's holding the gun makes me nervous even though it isn't real?

10. Heather1337 - Ewok

I'm normally not into Ewoks but Heather is changing my mind.

9. Heather1337 - Female Han Solo

This is the last picture of Heather. I swear.

8. LeAnna Vamp - Female Chewbacca

I could point out that the ears don't work but I'm not really looking at the ears.

7. Liz Katz - Female Chewbacca

via yandy.com

The Han-Chewie relationship could completely change if Chewbacca looked like these girls.

6. Lisa - Padme

Lisa showed her stuff as Padme in celebration of Disney buying Lucasfilm.

5. Unkown Female - Slave Leia

via xemnu.blogspot.com

Ahh yes the classic Slave Leia costume. Fans views of Princess Leia changed forever once she wore this in Return of the Jedi.

4. Christy Marie - Slave Leia

Another great Leia picture that even shows the fear of the character in her unfortunate situation.

3. Leia Down - Slave Leia

A classic picture from Leia Down. This one never gets old.

2. Olivia Munn - Slave Leia

Another classic picture of Olivia Munn from her G4 days. Does anyone know what she's doing these days?

1. Unknown Female as R2D2

This voluptuous model wanted to pay tribute to R2-D2 before it was cool.

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