20 Singers Who Got Booed On Stage

Singers live for the stage; the buzz they give to their fans is such an adrenalin rush - but hold on one minute, what if the fans are less than satisfied with their 'idol's' performance? Find out from this top 20 list which singers pull it off (or crack under pressure) when the crowd gets a little irritated.

1. Destiny's Child

The trio put blood, sweat and tears into their "Bootylicious"performance  at the 2001 NBA Finals (Sixers vs Lakers) in Philly. Their efforts went unnoticed  as they were  booed at the end of their performance for wearing Lakers attire.

2. Usher

During an o2 Concert in Berlin, a burnt-out Usher apologised to his fans and cancelled the show - after 30 minutes! Were his fans understanding? Nope, they booed his ass off stage!

3. Ashlee Simpson

Ouch! That must have dented Ashlee's pride!

4. Jodeci

It's going to take a wing and a prayer before this 90's R&B group plan another reunion concert.

5. Rihanna

During her Diamonds  tour,  Rihanna was booed on stage after she was late for a concert in Adelaide, Australia.

6. Madonna

Even the Queen of Pop is not safe from angry fans. Madonna chipped after just 45 minutes performing at Olympia Paris. The crowd demanded a refund.  Apparently fans paid $100 to see the old girl in action.

$100 for 45 minutes ?!? Do you blame them for being so angry!

7. Chris Brown

It was going so well until he performed Rihanna's  hit, "Please "Don't Stop The Music". Oh dear!

 8. Miley Cyrus

This is one crazy chick! Watch her reaction to the audience boos!

9. Lauryn Hill

Even at the age of 13, Lauryn Hill had balls of steel and won over the crowd from hell.

10. 50 Cents

Getting booed is one thing, but being BOTTLED -well that's enough to dent any performer's confidence. He maybe a tough guy, but 50 Cents stormed off stage after 25 minutes performing. Do you blame him?

11. Lil Wayne

If I were the audience, I'll demand EVERY cent back!

12. Guns 'N' Roses

Lead singer Axel made a quick exit after being cursed and bottled by 'loyal' fans. An announcer appeared from  nowhere and explained they're trying to fix technical difficulties...but  later revealed they're working on getting the band back and asked the crowd to stop throwing bottles at Axel.

This was one tough crowd to please...they even booed the announcers!

 13. Drake

The crowd booed the rapper during a concert in San Jose because he declared his love for L.A...but somehow he recovered and managed to turn the boos into cheers.

14. Wiley

This British rapper earned more than a few boos - he had a can of piss thrown at him (yes, you read it right). He walked off stage...and that's then the cheers started. Wow this crowd is backwards!

15. NE-YO

Poor guy. He tried to hold himself together but cried (for whatever reason) and walked away. The chants quickly turned to boos.

16. It's Madonna...Again

During a concert in Budapest, Madonna decided to preach a whole load of nonsense and (understandably) the crowd was getting inpatient. MADONNA: you're not God, so just shut up and sing!

17. Amy Winehouse

Surprise, surprise! She should be further up this list!

18. Marilyn Manson


He didn't even sing (or should that be screech) one note and crowd made it crystal clear that he's not welcome. Maybe it's his make-up!

19. Nickelback

Out of all the acts on the list, this Canadian rock band received the worst treatment from the crowd.  Lead singer Chad Kroeger asked if there were any Nickelback fans. What was the response? Well let's just say silence speaks volumes.

20. Justin Bieber

No matter where he goes, this guy REALLY gets it from the crowd...finally, the 'Bieber Fever' is wearing off!


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