20 Of The Best Feelings Ever!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can give us the greatest pleasure. It doesn’t have to be something sexual or super intimate for your body to produce endorphins. Something as simple as popping bubble wrap or using a Q-tip can bring that wonderful sensation of euphoria. Below are 20 examples of some of the best non-sexual feelings.

20- Getting your hair shampooed at a salon/barber

You close your eyes and disappear into a world of luxurious satisfaction. You are left feeling invigorated as well as relaxed. And when you are finished your hair feels and looks better than ever.

19- The feeling you get when you first wake up and realize it's your day off.

You wake up at night or early in the morning startled, maybe even thinking you over slept. Then you look over at your alarm clock… and as you squint through glossy eyes you realize you still have time to sleep! One of the best feelings ever!

18- Dipping your hand into a big bag of uncooked rice

Admit it… You’ve done it! It’s an excellent stress reliever and just plain fun.

17- The first scoop of peanut butter out of the jar

There’s something different about the first scoop. It’s undisturbed, silky smooth, and always seems to taste better.

16- Popping bubble wrap

Face it… Popping bubble wrap rocks. It’s addicting, satisfying, and it brings out the kid in us.

15- Getting mail- not email, but actual mail

It’s a rarity to get actual physical mail (that aren’t bills) now a days. Everything is done through the ever growing technology world we live in. It’s an amazing feeling when you open your mailbox and see an unexpected letter or a package.

14- Sitting down after being on your feet all day

After working all day there is nothing better than sitting down. As you make your decent to the chair or couch, every muscle in your body begins to wind down. You let out a sigh and swear not to move for at least 10 minutes.

13- Burying yourself in hot laundry fresh from the dryer

Even if it’s warm outside, there is nothing like hugging hot laundry! The smell is invigorating and the warmth immediately calms you.

12- The first five minutes you crawl into bed    

You ache all over, you pull back your covers and slide into your bed as though you just finished running 100 miles. You lay there staring at nothing, your brain is winding down, your muscles relax… it’s basically pure bliss.

11- Coming up with a username that isn’t taken

It’s like winning the lottery! You’ve had a username picked out for a while, and when it came time to enter it you start feeling nervous. Then with extreme caution you hit “send”. You see that it was accepted! You let out a huge sigh and smile the biggest you ever have!

10- Putting on a brand new pair of socks

There’s something about brand new, clean tight socks that make your feet super happy.

9- When you have a cold and both nostrils open up at the same time

Oh sweet mercy you can breathe… at least for a minute!

8- Naps

Maybe they make us feel like a kid again, or maybe it’s because our body was craving one. Either way they are amazing, whether they last 15 minutes or 3 hours.

7- When your favorite band comes on stage at a concert

What a rush… Standing in the arena waiting for your favorite band to emerge from behind the stage. You see them, start screaming, feel a rush of adrenaline and then you get goose bumps when the music starts.

6- The first sip of a beverage when you are thirsty

You’re so thirty your mouth and throat feel like sandpaper… then you finally get to take that sip you’ve been longing for. It feels like liquid gold!

5- A hot shower on a cold day

A hot shower always feels good, but on a cold day there’s nothing that can compare. Any ache and pain seems to disappear as well as any stress and anxiety.

4- Sleeping on freshly washed sheets- When your body meets fresh sheets

The refreshing crispness of freshly washed sheets equals pure heaven to almost anyone. The sheets are tucked tightly into the mattress, they smell clean, basically there’s nothing like it!

3- The cool side of the pillow

We frequently flip our pillows from one side to the other just to get the cool side. Maybe it’s the relaxing sensation we get when we feel it on our faces, or we do it just because everyone does it. Either way, it’s awesome!

2- Twirling a Q-Tip in your ear right after a shower

It’s often hard to explain, how sticking a little piece of cotton that’s attached to an itty bitty stick in your ear canal can feel so incredible… but it does. Not only is it relaxing, but it’s soothing, stimulating and a downright joyous event.

1- Pulling protective covers off new electronics

With technology running our world, it’s no wonder this feeling is number one. Electronics have become a part of our lives in more ways than one. They are our helpers, our confidants, even our best friends. The emotional attachment is amazing, and when you peel off the protective cover of a new friend, the level of happiness surges to the top.

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