20 Mean Gifts For Your Ex Boyfriend

Getting revenge on your ex is like eating ice cream with your girlfriends.  It’s cold! And you’re guaranteed to enjoy it. Let out your inner mean girl with these ideas.

1. Show Him Pond Shop Receipts For Jewelry He's Bought You

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2. Shit In A Bag

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3. Prank Pregnancy Call Followed By A Number Change

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4. Dead Flowers

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5. A Curable But Disgusting Disease

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6. A Soundtrack Of You Having Fun With Another Man

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7. A Karma Sutra Book


8. Send A Male Stripper To His Address During A Holiday Dinner Or Family Reunion

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9. Date His Best friend Or Dad

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10. Crash His Date Exploiting All Of His Dark Secrets

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 11. Tweet Their Phone Number To All Of Your Followers

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12. Throw A Party And Invite Everyone To His Address

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13. Call His Job To Buy Drugs Asking For Him By Name

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14. Send A Bulk Load Of Porn Subscriptions To His Job and Parents

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15. Make A Fake Social Network Account And Become A Creep/Psyco/Pervert

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16. Give His Dusty Electronics: TV, Phone, Game System A Bath

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17. Agree To Be Civil For An Event And Then Go Ape Shit When The Times Right

18. Cut A hole In The Pockets Of All His Jeans

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19. Post His Embarrassing Moments On YouTube

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20. Start A Bonfire With His Clothes

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