20 Annoying Things Girls Say During Sex

Don’t you wish you could just look her in her beautiful eyes, dig deep down in your heart and say enough talking already!!!  Well it gets worse when a girl feels the need to say the darnest things during sex. Take a look at 20 things you’ve probably heard or don’t want to ever hear during sex.

1. “I Recently Let Our Co-Workers Know…”

2. “Am I Too Loud?”

3. “I’m Really A Guy” 

4. "That's The Wrong Hole" 


5. “Your Snapchat Picture Lied”

6. Do You................. Love Me?"

7. Do You Have Protection?

8. "What Do You Wanna Do Next?"

 9. “That Wasn’t A Fart I Swear!”

10. “Be Gentle, I’m A Virgin”

11. “I’m On My Period”

12. “Wanna Try Something New?”

13. “You Get Undressed First!”

14. “Hold On, Can We Talk?”

15. “You Go Down First”

16. “That’s Not My Name!!!”

17. “Want Me To Talk Dirty?”

18. “I Have A Surprise For You”

19. “I Really Have To Pee”

20. “I Think I’m About To0000000!!!” 

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