18 Awkward Political Moments

These backbones of the nation are ALWAYS cool, calm and ready for hard-hitting questions...well maybe not always. Here are some clips of very awkward moments that make you want to laugh-out-loud...or reach for the sick bucket.

1. Barrack Obama Falls Short on Queen's Speech

Barrack should have prepared a better speech! Her Majesty doesn't look too pleased!

2. Pretty Much Every Word Uttered by George W. Bush

There's sooo many cringe-worthy moments from this guy, it could last two lifetimes...so here's a montage of his dumbest moments

3...And Here's Another Classic Moment Filled With Bushism

It's hard to believe he was once the president.

 4. Al and Tipper Gore Have A Moment That No One Wants To See

Oh sweet Jesus, get a room...please!

5. Michele Bachmann Retires!

It's OK America, we're safe now.

6. John Prescott Kills Two Birds With One Stone!

Now let's cross over the pond to see what's happening in the world of politics. British politician, John Prescott gets testy with reporter...and tells a protester to shut up!

7. Bill Clinton Had A Dream

The former president definitely had a dream of his own...he was caught having 40 winks during the Martin Luther King, Jr. event in Harlem.

 8. Dick Cheney Has More Than A Dream

Clinton is not the only one catching up on beauty sleep!

9. Hilary Clinton Gets All Badass On Student

Unlike for sleepy husband, Hillary Clinton is razor sharp. The then-U.S. Secretary of State  snapped at a Congolese student over a question mistranslated about her husband's views on foreign policy. She said: "My husband is not secretary of state, I am." Ouch, girl you're bad!

10. The Cat Got John McCain's Tongue

When the senator was asked about his views on health companies that cover Vigra and not birth control, he was lost for words...well that's a first!

11. Sarah Palin Can't Name A Single Newspaper She Reads

Just be honest, Sarah you CAN'T read!

 12. Mitt Romney Loses The Plot

This quick-witted former governor of Massachusetts is usually on top form...but not in this video! Guess all politicians are entitled to a Sarah Palin moment once in a while.

13. Hilary Clinton Trips Up On Plane

Girl, watch your step! Hmm....wonder where she's going?

14.  South Africa...To Get Down And Dirty

That would explain the mad rush on the plane!

15. Hillary Clinton Shoe Attack

The former Secretary of State had a shoe thrown after her during a speech in Las Vegas... and thought it was a bat?!?  She's not the only who got attacked by some footwear...

16. George Bush Got The Boot

Well that's no surprise!

17. John Prescott Attacks Protester!

While Bush and Clinton laugh off their attack, hot-headed John Prescott went the extra mile and almost knocked out a protester for egging him.

18. Bulgarian Politician Almost Gets His Brains Blown Out!

Luckily for him, the gun was jammed!


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