16 X-Men Powers You Wish You Had

The latest film adaptation of Marvel’s X-Men series, Days of Future Past, is set to be released this month, and it is guaranteed to be the best one yet. This is the seventh X-Men film, and there are still a lot of characters who have been never been portrayed on the big screen. But that doesn’t make their powers any less awesome. Here are 16 X-Men superpowers you wish you had.

16. Flight

Left: Aurora (created by Chris Clarement & John Byrne) Right: Angel (created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby)

Whether you have the ability to fly coupled with superhuman speed, like Aurora, or giant wings sprouting out of your back, like Angel, you will never have to sit in the middle seat on an airplane again.

15. Weather Control

Storm (created by Len Wein & Dave Cockrum)

That weather app on your phone? Meaningless. With Storm's ability to start thunderstorms on cue, you will never have go to another family reunion picnic again.

14. Ability to Understand Any Language


This may seem like one of those lame, un-superhero-like powers, and it kind of is. But for a mere mortal, this would sure come in handy when the only language your new exchange student girlfriend speaks, is Italian.

13. Fire Control

Pyro (created by Chris Claremont & John Byrne

 Being able to throw fire balls at whatever you choose may be a little on the destructive side to be a practical power, but at least you know no one would mess with you.

12. Phasing 

Kitty Pryde (created by Chris Claremont & John Byrne

Forgetting your keys would be no big deal if you could walk through walls. In fact, having keys at all would be pretty unnecessary.

11. Invincibility 


Sure, you may have to transform your body into a form of indestructible steel to actually be invincible, but it would be nice to have the option.

10. Indestructible and Adaptive

Darwin (created by Ed Brubaker & Pete Woods)

If you could "adapt to survive" like Darwin, you could pretty much do anything. Fly, breathe under water, get hit by a transport truck, you name it, your body would know how to transform to make it possible.

9. Precognition

Blindfold - Via: www.comicvine.com

Wouldn't you like to know next week's winning lottery numbers? Just kidding, you would probably only get visions of the coming apocalypse. Maybe not so great, after all...

8. Control over Magnetic Fields

Magneto (created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby)

With Magneto's power, you would be able to manipulate electromagnetic fields in a variety of different ways. Moving heavy metal objects would be a breeze. Not to mention you could protect yourself from flying shrapnel, and levitate. Not bad.

7. Ability to Create/Manipulate Ice

Iceman (created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby)

Being about to turn your body into a giant ice sculpture, and shooting icy water from your hands, may not be the most practical, unless you are fighting evil. But at least your drinks would always be cold.

6. Superhuman Strength

Not only does Beast have superhuman strength, but his above average intelligence helps him use it in the most effective ways. Brains and brawn, the best of both worlds. Except maybe without the whole blue fur thing.

5. Telekinesis

Jean Grey/Phoenix (created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby)

Don't pretend like you haven't ever stared at something intently, just to see if maybe you do have the power to move things with your mind.

4. Teleporting

Nightcrawler - Via: www.fanpop.com

Nightcrawler's teleportation skills would be a huge time saver. That 2 hour commute would be a thing of the past and you would never be late for anything again.

3. Healing

Wolverine (created by Roy Thomas, Len Wein, & John Romita Jr.)

Wolverine's healing and slowed down aging process would completely eliminate the need for plastic surgery. Every celebrity's dream. But the indestructible adamantium skeleton and razor sharp claws are the real superpower.

2. Shape Shifting

Mystique - Via: wall.alphacoders.com

You could get into top secret government buildings with Mystique's ability to look like whoever, whenever. And not a party in town would be off limits.

1. Telepathy

Professor Xavier - Via: www.fanpop.com

Who hasn't wondered at some point what someone else was thinking. Even better if you can actually change what they are thinking. Not to mention you would be able to talk to people without actually talking to them.

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