16 Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Get Inked Right Away

There's absolutely no denying that tattooing is an art form. From reality shows dedicated to the design and style of tattoos to others that are dedicated to the fixing of terrible tattoos, America has become more and more fascinated and accepting of tattoos than ever before. Now more than ever, artists are able to explore different styles as well reveal some amazing and fantastic tattoos.

Imgur user mulderitscarol posted an album of work created by their childhood friend Ola Oleszkiewicz, otherwise known as Pejczi, and the tattoos are gorgeous to say the least.

Pejczi often posted her sketches alongside her work on her Instagram account:

She doesn't just do elaborate pieces either, some pieces are beautifully simplistic:

She also creates gorgeous pointillism tattoos, which are some of the most difficult out there.

Her work is filled with phenomenal detail:

I mean check out this next level gaming tattoo:

Gorgeous silhouettes:

And her color gradation is on point!

And her lines are incredibly clean:

Pejczi is easily one of the greatest rising talents in the tattoo world. We can't wait to see what she creates next!

If you want one of her tattoos, you'll have to do some travelling. Pejczi is located in Warsaw, Poland, but let's face it, she's definitely worth the trip!

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