16 Reasons To Parent a Pet Before a Baby

There are those of us who free-feed our cats because we're afraid if we don't, we won't remember to feed it later. Those of us who don't have plants because we feel guilty when they inevitably die due to lack of water, attention, classical music recitals...? Then there are those of us adults who still feel a little bit like crying when we see a group of kids on the same longhaul flight as ours. Yep, not all of us adults are ready for the the rewarding, difficult job of parenting. And after all, the internet has so many distractions and we really love sleep. So a kid? Nah, not always for everyone.

But a furry friend? That, many of us can handle. Thinking of taking the leap and committing to parenthood? Maybe it's best to try a pet first, and here's why:

1. You can crate train your dog. That's an inappropriate parenting method.

2. Dog food costs anywhere from $10-60 a month. Feeding a teenager costs about $400.

3. Dog climbing into bed? Not necessarily a mood-killer.

5. Kids make messes. Dogs are autonomous vacuum cleaners.

6. While child leashes are often frowned upon, it's OK to put your pet on one.

7. Your dog keeps the family gossip private. No worries about awkward dinner party moments.

8. You can let your pet veg out in front of the computer or the TV without worrying about his academic development.

9. Bribing your dog only costs you a treat or two, not a Barbie doll or a video game.

 10. Even if Fido humps everything he sees, you never have to have the awkward 'talk' about safe sex.

11. No matter how spoiled they are, a dog will never beg you for the latest iGadget. They're happy with table scraps!

12. While dogs might just hate baths more than toddlers, you only have to give them one a month.

13. A dog will never be embarrassed by you, regardless of how you dress, the car you drive or the stupid things you say in front of their doggy friends.

14. Your pets have no say over the movie night choices. No Disney-on-a-loop or Dora the Explorer!

15. They'll never bring home an inappropriate partner.

16. And finally, you can name them after your favorite Lord of the Rings' character and people won't lecture you on scarring them for life.


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