18 Amazing Quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Admit it: at least once in your life, you've attempted a fairly bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Everyone has, it’s nothing to feel bad about. Schwarzenegger is the most famous bodybuilder of all time. Then, after building a reputation as a strong, friendly, engaging, all-American hero with the ability to get things done through his entire filmography, he made the switch to politics and used his carefully constructed film persona and savvy understanding of media in our modern age to win the race to become governor of California. Since retiring from politics, Schwarzenegger has moved back into acting and, with his aging body, he now relies more than ever on his ability to deliver a carefully worded one-liner to entertain audiences. Looking back on his varied and historic career, here are some of his best and funniest quotes.

1. Arnold can be a very friendly and inviting person

2. Arnold’s not afraid to be vocal about his opinions

3. Nor is he afraid to make a bold medical diagnosis

4. Especially when it comes to his own body

5. Arnold shows an interest in paleontology

6. Arnold tries to help others maintain a healthy diet

7. Arnold has the courage to give people rough news

8. Arnold understands the value of relaxation...

9. ...and will do anything to help someone do so

10. Arnold can tell time with great accuracy

11. Arnold knows how to be photogenic

12. Arnold certainly knows how to make a promise

13. Sometimes he follows through on them...

14. While other times, he changes his mind



15. Arnold, despite his verbose nature, appreciates silence

16. Arnold can make even the worst puns hilarious

17. Arnold values the use of air-based transportation

18. Arnold knows how to say goodbye in multiple languages

He does have his moments where he's lost for words

Sometimes, however, Arnold appreciates that actions speak louder than words...

Which you can do when you can do this

He also, finally, knows how to make a memorable exit

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