15 Simpsons Jokes You May Have Missed

The Simpsons has been around for 25 years and the show has featured thousands of jokes; some for the kiddies, some for the adults, and some extra subtle ones for the fans who are particularly on-the-ball. Here are some of the quicker hidden jokes you might have missed, even after viewing one of your favorite episodes for the hundredth time.

15. “Do Not Touch Willie, Good advice.”

Homer takes the sign at face value, so to speak, ignoring the crucial hyphen. He relates the instructions to his own appendage rather than the appendage on the wall and havoc ensues.

14.  Young Ned Flanders Rebels

“Whee! I’m Dick Tracy. Bam! Take that, Pruneface. Now I’m Pruneface. Take that, Dick Tracy. Now I’m Prune Tracy. Take that Di–” Luckily little Neddy gets cut off by the doctor.

13. “Quit Stealing Our Letters.”

The church sign always has a new gag. Here’s a classic one.

12. Burns Learns to Use the Telephone

“Ahoy hoy. I suspect you need more practice using your telephone machine.” Burn’s greeting is what was first suggested to be used as a greeting by telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

11. “Air India: We Treat You Like Cattle.”

This is a good thing because cows are revered in India.

10. Homer’s Search for Sugar

“Uh, do you have any sugar around here?” When Homer enters Hank Scorpio’s lair he looks up expecting sugar to be in the air.

9. Springfield Elementary Model United Nations

"Do you kids want to be like the real UN, or do you want to squabble and waste time?" Isn’t that all the UN does?

8. “Bloodbath and Beyond.”

This pun is a great name for Springfield’s gun shop.

7. “Sneed’s, Feed and Seed. Formerly Chuck’s.”

The original store name wouldn’t have made it passed the censors.

6. The Simpsons Jumps the Shark

“Have no fears, we’ve got stories for years.” Years ago the Simpsons joked about 'jumping the shark'. Maybe they did...

5. “Springfield Heights Institute of Technology.”

Take a moment to thing about the school’s acronym.

4. Who Really shot Mr. Burns?

"But of course for that ending to work you have to ignore all the Simpson DNA evidence, and that would be downright nutty," says Try McClure. He's referencing the classic "Who Shot Mr. Burns" episode, during the “138th Episode Spectacular.” He shows the alternate ending where Smithers was the shooter, but is this a hidden O.J. Simpson joke?

3. Bart Shows His Softer Side

“What happened to the Bart Simpson who put mothballs in the beef stew?” asks Lisa when Bart takes Edna out on a date after Principal Skinner stands her up. This is a reference to the awful “Do The Bartman” song everyone tried to forget.

2. Hidden Message in This Wings Song

“In fact, if you play ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ backwards, you’ll find a recipe for a ripping lentil soup,” says guest star Paul McCartney in the episode “Lisa the Vegetarian.” During the credits “Maybe I’m Amazed” plays, and if you slowly rewind the tape you get the actual lentil soup recipe.

1. Ranier Wolfcastle Lies

“Remember when I said I’d eat you last? I lied.” Here’s Ranier Wolfcastle channeling his real-life counterpart Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando.

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