15 Of The Craziest Suitors in "Bachelorette" History

"The Bachelorette" isn't necessarily known for its track record for lasting romance. In fact, there are plenty of cast members who have proven your odds of finding love on this show are lower than sitting alone at a sleazy bar sipping a vermouth on the rocks. Here are a few of the top picks.

1. Jeff, The Face Mask Guy

This guy wore a black face mask a la "Phantom of the Opera" for weeks on end, claiming he wanted bachelorette, Ashley, to get to know his personality and not just his looks. Below, he finally reveals his face.

2. Tanner P, The Foot Guy

Some guys like to make out. Some guys like to snuggle. And some guys just want to suck on some toes.

3. Wes, The Country Singer

It's no surprise that many contestants use the show to their own advantage. Lucky bachelorette, Jillian, was blessed with the presence of Wes, who used her throughout the season for his own singing career.

4. Bentley, The Biggest Jerk Yet

No one was more shameless in their use of the show than Bentley, who played Ashley for weeks on end, and said some pretty ruthless things to the producers.

5. Jake, The Bad Bachelor

There's a long tradition of heartbreak on this show. After someone gets booted off of a season they go on to become the next star of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette." After getting dumped by Jilliian, Jake and his final choice, Vienna, had a toxic breakup. She claimed he was an emotionless partner.

6. Brad, The Even Worse Bachelor

After dumping all of the women the first time he was the bachelor, Brad came back for a second chance. His bad temper and ego make him one of the craziest suitors on television and he lost his final choice, Emily, after his second run on the show.

7. Juan Pablo, The Absolute Worst Bachelor

Juan Pablo was dumped by bachelorette, Desiree, and then he became the next bachelor. He made a bad impression on most viewers of the show, along with most of the women, with his cocky, laissez-faire attitude.

8. Kasey, The Awkward Singer

Not only did this guy get a questionable tattoo on Ali's season of the show, but he also knows how to belt out an extremely awkward impromptu song on a date.

9. Kalon, The Cocky Talker

If you ever wanted to see an angry bachelorette, than look no further than Emily Maynard. She let her feelings air after finding out Kalon called her daughter "baggage".

10. Justin, The "R-Rated" Wrestler

This guy has a classic introduction video. Could Mr. Rated-R ever win this show?

11. Tim, The Drunk Guy

Sometimes guys get a little nervous on the first night. Then some guys just drink so much that they pass out. Ashley had to say good-bye to this one after she couldn't understand his slurred speech.

12. Brian, The Guy With The Girlfriend

There's a long tradition of guys showing up on the show with hidden girlfriends or lingering ex-girlfriends. They always rise to the surface:

13. William, The Roaster

In the last minute of this video we hear William poke fun at Ashely for even trying to be the next bachelorette, instead of Emily Maynard. Whoops!

14. Zac, The Shirtless Hurricane

As far as crazy suitors go, Zac is one of the more acceptable options. Sure, he used his body as his introduction, but Desiree doesn't seem to mind.

15. Ed, The One Who Left, Came Back, And Won

This guy worried about his job back in Chicago, leaving Jillian heartbroken. Then he came back and won the whole thing.

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