15 Handy Uses For Old Coffee Grounds

About 83 percent of adults in the U.S. drink coffee, and the estimate is that the average person in the U.S. drinks about two cups of coffee per day, totalling 730 cups per year.

That leaves a lot of leftover coffee beans and grounds often headed for the trash. But coffee grounds can be really useful! Here's 15 suggestions for what to do with them.

#15: Fertilize Your Indoor And Outdoor Plants

If you’re growing plants such as roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and camellias, you can mix coffee grounds into the soil to promote growth and provide added nourishment.

#14: Protect Your Garden From Insects And Cats

Not only can coffee grounds fertilize your garden, but they're a non-toxic pest control option. Insects such as snails and slugs are repelled by coffee grounds.. Even cats don’t like the smell of coffee—mix the grounds with citrus rinds for best results.

#13: Highlight And Soften Your Hair

Blondes can use the coffee grounds to enrich a light brown color into their locks, and brunettes and redheads can use the grounds to create highlights that provide reflections on naturally dark hair. Steep coffee grounds in two cups of hot water, and rinse hair thoroughly with the mixture.

#12: Exfoliate And Beautify Your Skin

Because coffee grounds are coarse, they work well to exfoliate your skin. Mix coffee grounds with a creamy soap, and massage it over your skin before rinsing off to remove dry, dead skin and unclog your pores. Just be sure to ground them very finely before applying to prevent scratching your skin.

#11: Dye Wood, Fabrics, Paper And Easter Eggs

Simply boil the coffee grounds in water, let the mixture sit for a bit, and dip your fabrics, paper, or Easter eggs in the pot to achieve a rich brown color. You can also use a paint brush to brush the wet ground mixture onto wood for a unique stain.

#10: Clean Stubborn Surfaces On Dishes And House

The coarse texture of coffee grounds means they can double as a decent cleaning product. Leave the grounds a bit coarser and use a scrubber to rub clean those dishes and other surfaces that need stuck-on particles removed.

#9: Enjoy As An Air Freshener

Looking for an alternative to traditional floral potpourri? Why not try some coffee grounds? Wrap a handful in the tip of old pantyhose or a cheesecloth and hang or place wherever you’d like the smell to emanate. Perfect for cars, closets, and more.

#8: Deodorizer For Hands, Refrigerator And Ashtray

Coffee grounds can act as a deodorizer as well. Rub coffee grounds on your hands to rid them of onion or garlic smell (a little lemon juice can give it an extra boost). Want to remove stinky smells from your fridge or freezer? Place a bowl of coffee grounds inside, and let sit until smells are gone.

#7: Treat Cellulite

One recipe for a coffee grounds cellulite treatment is to mix leftover coffee powder, brown sugar and a little coconut oil to make a paste that you can massage in a circular motion into any patches of cellulite to act as a treatment for reducing their visibility.

#6: Restore Furniture

Furniture scratches can be removed without a trace when you mix coffee grounds with a bit of water and rub the mixture into the wood. It works as both a staining and smoothing agent and can help to revitalize your wood furniture.

#5: Repel Fleas

After your dog gets out of his next bath, rub him down with coffee grounds all throughout his coat. Grounds can be a natural flea repellent to save your dog from having to use any chemical deterrents.

#4: Use As A Meat Rub

In addition to a great smell, coffee has a beloved flavor as well, and imparting that flavor onto meat could be just the thing to take your meal to the next level. Rub the coffee grounds into all sides of the meat to achieve maximum flavor.

#3: Cleanse Smelling Palate And Freshen Breath

You may have noticed a bowl of coffee grounds at perfume counters, as these can cleanse your olfactory palate. For freshening your breath, you can also deodorize your mouth by popping a whole roasted coffee bean into your mouth and sucking on it for a little while—just enough to freshen it up.

#2: Make Homemade Tattoos

Mix henna and coffee grounds with clove oil and eucalyptus oil to create a mixture that is perfect for applying to the skin in any way you want.

#1: Grow Mushrooms And Carrots

Itching to grow some mushrooms or carrots in your garden? Coffee grounds are actually great for harvesting both. Simply use mushroom spawn and a bucket of coffee grounds, and your specimens may turn out quite impressive. For carrots, mix dried coffee grounds with their seeds before sowing to both keep pests away and encourage a growth spurt with additional nutrition.

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