15 Beauty Gurus That Made It Big On YouTube

YouTube is the ideal place to look for funny cat videos or people falling over, but it's also become a blissful haven for smart, funny and talented beauty gurus. Here are 15 of the most stunning and successful gurus on YouTube.

1. Michelle Phan

She has over 6 million subscribers and a makeup line that launched in August of 2013. Named em michelle phan, her makeup brand has the backing of L'Oreal Luxe.

2. Lauren Luke (panacea81)

Luke rose to stardom doing celebrity makeup looks and vibrant eye makeup tutorials. She also released a line of makeup, called By Lauren Luke, which was backed by Sephora.

3. Blair Fowler (juicystar07) This bubbly YouTube star not only uploads beauty tutorials but also crafting and lifestyle videos. She has over 1 million subscribers.

 4. Tanya Burr Tanya Burr is quite possibly the most charming British YouTube beauty guru out there. Her looks are classic and elegant.

 5. Kandee Johnson

With over 2 million subscribers, Kandee shows her viewers how to master professional beauty basics and also a thrilling combination of Halloween and celebrity looks.

6. Ingrid Nilsen (MissGlamorazzi)

MissGlamorazzi promises beauty tips with a drop of her signature goofy appeal in every video.

7. Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel's stunning blue eyes and 1.5 million viewers have pushed her into the spotlight.

8. Jaclyn Hill

Hill is an example of how a professional makeup artist with a bit of comfort in front of the camera can make YouTube a cozy place to call home.

9. Luxy Hair

Who said beauty was all about the makeup? Hair needs a little help from time to time, too.

10. Zoella

Zoella is the epitome of the beauty guru who also knows how to do an entertaining vlog. By the way, she has nearly 5 million subscribers!

11. Lindy Tsang (BubzBeauty)

With over 5 million subscribers, this bubbly beauty guru from Northern Ireland will win you over.

12. Lauren Curtis

This beauty guru illustrates beautiful basics, with a little humor thrown in on the side.

13. Estee (Essiebutton)

With half a million subscribers and over 200 videos, this Canadian living in England is starting to feel the YouTube love.

14. Jessica Harlow

This beauty guru realizes that happiness is not only skin deep. Her videos about attracting positivity into your life will only help that makeup do it's job more effectively.

15. Jenna Marbles

Finally, what would life be without a few genuine laughs? Her most famous video got over 57 million views. With her dry wit and tips on life she now has over 13 million subscribers.

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