14 Ways Life Gets In The Way Of Your Diet

Who hasn’t been in the process of inhaling a large McDonald’s fries and thought, it’s OK, potatoes are a vegetable. Self control is hard to maintain in the presence of some foods,  but as long as you don’t overdo it… well, you know the drill. To take a little pressure off your occasional slip up, here are 15 ways life is probably plotting against you when it comes to sticking to your diet.

Free Samples at Costco


The problem is, there is never just one sample stand. There is one sample stand per aisle.

A Coworker’s Birthday Every Other Week


There isn’t much to look forward to about working on your birthday. Except cake. To celebrate a coworker’s birthday someone always brings in cake, or cupcakes, or ice cream, or all of it. It's harder to say no to a big slice of chocolate cake when everyone else is digging in.

Frappy Hour


Starbuck’s is not just coffee. It is frappuccinos. Did you know they have secret frappuccino flavors, like Cotton Candy and Cookie Dough? Try avoiding frappy hour (half price!) when there is a Starbuck’s on literally every corner, and all you can think about is how hot it is, and how nice an ice blended coffee flavored drink would be right about now.

Halloween Candy Mega Sales in November


Do you need that box of 100 mini Snicker, Mars, and Twix bars? No, probably not. But it’s 75% off!



It doesn’t help that you can pretty much get anything your heart desires delivered right to your doorstep.



We all know ice cream is the only thing that can cure a broken heart. It isn’t even your own breakups that are the most dangerous. It is when your best friend is dumped that you really are at risk of blowing your diet to pieces. Sympathy binge eating is the worst kind.



You got all dressed up. You bought a gift. Maybe you even drove a couples hours and sat in a sweaty church to watch your half cousin get married. Your weekend is a write-off. So you might as well partake in the open bar.

Your Inability to Watch a Movie Without Snacks


Popcorn and a movie is a deeply ingrained, social norm that we are all conditioned to follow. Unfortunately, while mindlessly staring at a screen, we tend to eat even more than we would normally. Now it isn’t just popcorn. It’s sour patch kids, nachos, soft pretzels, and junior mints, and pretty much any other candy known to man. Hold the extra butter though, that is just crossing the line.



Bacon goes with every meal. It isn’t limited just to breakfast. It is welcome at any time of the day, because no one says no to bacon. And bacon is literally just a strip of pig fat fried in a pan. But why does it have to taste so good?

Free Bread with Your Meal


When you are starving, it is pretty hard to resist that warm, fresh baked bread the server just placed in front of you. You could wait twenty more minutes for that chef’s salad with the dressing on the side… or you could have a piece of bread. Just one.

Buying Snacks for Charity


The Girl Guides knew what they were doing when they started selling thin mints. No one can resist those cookies. It’s a fact. There are also chocolate bars for charity, and those huge tubs of cookie dough. How can you say no when a child is looking up at you, all hopeful and innocent?

Road Trips


It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you are going on a long car ride, you will probably stop for fast food at some point. Or at least grab some snacks while you are filling up the gas tank. You can’t eat a salad while you are driving, now can you?

The Fair


It isn’t every day you can eat cotton candy, caramel corn, deep fried Mars bars, candy apples, beaver tails, and fresh made donuts all in one place. Not to mention all those fair snacks that literally do not exist anywhere else.



Half of the appeal of Christmas (and Thanksgiving, and Easter) is the food. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, that weird but delicious jello-cottage cheese hybrid. Cookies, cakes, every pastry you can imagine, and more. This is why so many people’s New Year’s resolution is to go on a diet. Any weight they lost in the previous year has settled back onto their thighs by the time Christmas and all its leftovers is over. But it’s so worth it, isn't it?

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