14 Photos Of Drunk People That Will Actually Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Nights of drunken debauchery usually end with lost faith in the human race, but these drunks made the world a little better with their shenanigans.

See, instead of wreaking havoc, they've made the world laugh with their hilarity.

Like this poor bastard who made a very interesting online order:

This girl didn't even get the chance to place their order:

While this girl decided to love herself like that girl told her to:

Via Buzzfeed

This person couldn't do anything but reply with Oysters:

This person tried to give their Snickers an extra kick:

This girl tried to re-assure her mother with a clever photoshop:

This mom just couldn't handle her potatoes:

This guy engineered a damn plane:

This guy engineered the greatest invention for screw-on wine since the invention of screw-on wine:

Via Buzzfeed

This guy was super concerned about his local airport:

This guy couldn't remember being picked up and dropped off:

Sometimes, much to our amusement, the drunk person is awful to their sober person:

And this brilliant man somehow managed to get his professor to give him an extension, despite being completely irresponsible:

Via Buzzfeed

Ah drunk people, always stay like this! Harmless and hilarious.

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