14 Odd Jobs They Had Before They Were Famous

Crappy jobs are like bad days: chances are you’re gonna have them. The upside is that almost every bad job you take gives you something back, call it compensation for having to get up out of bed and head to a job that you truly despise. This silver lining could be a number of things: An opportunity in disguise, a learning experience that you will never forget, a unexpected realization that things couldn't possibly get any worse, or just a way to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. They’re out there, these terrible jobs, and sometimes they’re not just another option, they’re the only option, and if the big screen biopics have taught us anything, it’s that the legends of the stage and screen were willing to take any job to put money in their pocket while they waited for their big break to come a knockin’ on their door. Here’s a list of some of the most ridiculous jobs that some of your favorite stars had before they were famous.

1. Matthew McConaughey - Chicken Coop Cleaner

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Cleaned chicken coops during year that he spent in the Australian Outback. About the experience he said, “Those types of trips are really ones that leave a lasting impression.”

2. Sean Connery - Coffin Cleaner

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This was one of the many odd jobs the first James Bond took during his early years. When he wasn't polishing coffins, he spent his time bodybuilding, a pastime that led to a successful acting career.

3. Robin Williams - Street Mime

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Ironic Right?

4. Brad Pitt - Chauffeur For Strippers

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In an interview for People, he stated, "My job was to drive them to bachelor parties and things. I'd pick them up, and at the gig I'd collect the money, play the bad Prince tapes and catch the girls' clothes."

5. Rick Ross - Prison Corrections Officer

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6. Bradley Cooper - Hotel Concierge

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Before his television and screen debuts, the American Hustle actor worked the night shift at the famous Morgans Hotel in New York City during the late 90's. He once carried Leonardo DiCaprio's bags up to his room, while Leo was enjoying his Titanic success and Cooper was studying at the New School.

7. Amy Adams - Hooters Girl

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8. Whoopi Goldberg - Makeup Artist in a Funeral Home

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In an interview with the Telegraph, on her first day her boss called her in to the room that held all of the caskets. No one was there so she turned around to leave. She heard a creaking noise, and when she turned around she noticed one of the coffin drawers was opening. "Then someone sat up and waved to me. Someone who should have been dead." It was her boss, who laughed, and said, "That's the worst thing that could ever happen to you here, and it won't. So there's nothing to be scared of."

9. Channing Tatum - Stripper

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His experience would become the inspiration for the 2012 film, Magic Mike.

10. Hugh Jackman - Clown

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Charging $50 a party, Jackman was Coco the Clown, entertaining children at birthday parties. Of the experience, he joked, "... I had no magic tricks and I remember a six year old standing up at a party saying, 'Mummy this clown is terrible, he doesn't know any tricks. And he was right."

11. Jon Hamm - Set Dresser For Adult Films

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In an interview for People Magazine regarding his career beginnings, the Mad Men star stated, "I was actually at the time working as a set dresser for Cinemax soft-core-porn movies." He told Vanity Fair that the job was "soul crushing."

12. Rod Stewart - Grave Digger

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It is said that he took the job in an attempt to rid himself of his lifelong fear of death, by being as close to it as possible.

13. Mickey Rourke - Debt Collector

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The actor turned boxer turned actor again took a job collecting money from gamblers, for gamblers. The Wrestler star remembers, "I was hired by gamblers in New York to collect money from people. We all know what that means."

14. Tim Allen - Drug Smuggler

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The Home Improvement star did some time for attempting to sell 1.4 pounds of cocaine to an undercover narcotics officer. After giving up names of accomplices and associates, he got a possible life sentence reduced to a three to seven year sentence, and was released after serving twenty-eight months in prison.

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