14 Must-Read Facts About Netflix

Now that people are connected to information with the click of a button, it's no surprise to find they are turning to phones and tablets for their entertainment too - and that's where Netflix comes in. Netflix is reshaping the landscape for not only viewership but programming and networks. With its popularity soaring, we decided to uncover the secrets behind its success. Here's 14 must-read facts that you didn't know about Netflix.

14 - Netflix Generates Nearly a Third of All Internet Traffic

Cnet reports that Netflix is the single biggest source of internet traffic in America. Just how much traffic do they generate? Nearly 32%. That’s almost double what next-largest YouTube uses (approximately 18%).

13 - Subscribers Watched On Average One Hour Per Day

Netflix generates so much traffic because viewers tune in daily. In fact CEO, Reed Hastings, took to Facebook to say that viewers spent approximately 1 billion hours logged on in June alone. That translates into about an hour of Netflix watched per person per day – or one episode of Netflix’s original series, House of Cards.

12 - Apollo 13 Sparked the Idea Behind Netflix

Speaking of the CEO, Hastings’ got the genius idea for Netflix thanks to Apollo 13. “It was six weeks late [to the video store] and I owed the video store $40. I had misplaced the cassette. It was all my fault,” he told the New York Times After getting worked up about the mishap, Hastings thought of Netflix.

11 - Netflix Was Almost Part of Blockbuster

Back in 2000, Hastings took his new idea to the now-bankrupt video store giant Blockbuster as an online alternative. They were selling for a low $50 million. But according to Variety, Blockbuster “just about laughed us out of their office”.

10 - Netflix Is Worth $21.3 Billion, Has 31+ Million US Subscribers

We all know Netflix is big, but just how big is it? It’s currently worth $21.3 billion according to CNBC. Forbes estimates there are 31+ million American users.

9 - Price Increase Could See a $600 million-$1.2 Billion Boost

Netflix has kept prices the same, hovering in and around $8 for Americans, but could be boosting it for new customers by a couple dollars very soon. The result? A $600M-$1.2B increase in revenues over two years. Those extra bucks will pay for more content.

8 Netflix Took a Big Hit in 2011

Back in 2011, Netflix wanted to raise the price by 60% to offer more services, but they clearly didn’t think through what their viewers wanted. Over 1 million more people than expected cut ties with Netflix causing their stock to drop from $300 to $155, according to Forbes. Seems like they learned their lesson with this new anticipated small price increase!

7 - Netflix to Triple Original Content Spending

In the next few years, Netflix plans to increase from spending 5% to up to 15% on it's original shows, the company announced at the Nomura US Media & Telecom Summit.

6 - That Could Mean Even More Golden Globes (and Maybe Even an Oscar!)

Netflix won its first Golden Globe for House of Cards (specifically Robin Wright as Best Actress in a Drama.)

5 - Can't Decide What to Pick? Let Netflix Showdown Choose

This app gives you a set amount of time (from 15 seconds to 90, it's up to you) to decide what you want to watch. If you find yourself getting caught up in the hundreds of shows and films, then this app kicks into gear and selects at random for you. The only downside is it only works on Netflix on your computer.

4 - Netflix Employees Have a 36-Page Training Doc for How to Sort Films

If you feel overwhelmed about what to watch, think of how hard it must be to sort all those movies! Netflix makes it easy (or tough, depending on how you look at it) for their employees to learn how to describe new films for everything from sexual content to level of plot devices. The Atlantic explained that this doc is very detailed, listing things such as the differences between labeling a movie as gory or violent.

3 - There's Nearly 80,000 Movie Genres (or Descriptors) 

The Atlantic also noted that there's 76,897 genres listed on Netflix (like "With a Strong Female Lead" or "For Hopeless Romantics").

2 - Sort Through and Skip the Lame Films with Netflix Snob

That's not the only app that can make your Netflix experience better! Quit wasting your time watching "lame" movies with Netflix Snob, an app that highlights how many stars a film has and shields you from the crappy ones. Once again, this app only works on your computer.

1 - It's Possible to Access Shows From Netflix in Other Countries

Netflix exists in 41 countries, according to Reuters. Each of these countries offers different shows and Netflix uses geographical restrictions to limit subscribers to the right programs. So it’s little surprise that users have now figured out how to get around these limitations to access all the shows they want. Services like SurfEasy have sprung up for Canadians to connect with programs only available on American Netflix including The Office, 30 Rock, Sons of Anarchy, One Tree Hill and Parks and Recreation. It violates Netflix's Terms and Conditions but it's definitely possible.

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