14 Hilarious Reminders That Golf Is Hard

"Golf is a game in which you yell out "fore", shoot six, and write down five." If you've ever played the game, you can probably relate to these short, yet very wise words from former broadcaster Paul Harvey. Golf is supposed to be relaxing and played at a leisurely pace, but in reality, it is downright tough. Seriously, why do people put themselves through so much misery? Here are some GIFs that prove, golf is in fact really hard.

Have you ever hit a really good shot, only to have an animal make it a new toy?

Oh, you're going to try to clear that? Better luck next time, Champ.

Good luck trying to keep your head in the game!

Sometimes, it's just a matter of bad timing on the course though.

Even driving the golf cart can become problematic at times.

Don't feel bad when you three-putt, we've all been there before...

But c'mon, even this dog has a better short game than you do!

Whatever you do, please don't try to "Happy Gilmore" your way out of a bad shot.

Speaking of celebrities; remember, even Tiger Woods gets down on himself from time to time on the course.

And even Chi Chi Rodriguez has gained internet notoriety by causing himself bodily harm.

Maybe you'd be better suited for mini-golf?

You're right, golf is a game that will constantly having you feel like this guy.

Relax, even Bill Murray feels dejected after a tough round.

Because in the end, we know that come next weekend, you'll be back on the course because you love the game.

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