14 Funny Wasted GIFs

Behold 14 of the Funniest "Wasted" Gifs Out There. Grand Theft Auto Fans, Rejoice!!!

Motocross Almost Epic Jump!

Swing Faceplant FAIL!!!

Candy For The Eyes - The Biebs Himself Gets Wasted

This Guy Definitely Played Too Much GTA For His Own Good.....

You Can Always Rely On Skaters For Epic Fails!!!

Matrix Mashup. Open Your Mind....FAIL

OUCH! That Had To Hurt!!

The Only Time Figure Skating Seemed Interesting To Watch.......

Behold The Cirque Du SolFAIL!

Drunk Schmuck Taunts a Cop...... The Rest Writes Itself!

Line Dancing FAIL!!

Why You Should ALWAYS wear a Seatbelt.

Christmas Tree Faceplant Fail.

Crashing The Waves FAIL

Kangaroo Back Kick!


Ja Rule Has Not Ruled Out Putting Together Fyre Festival 2.0

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