13 Jay-Z And Beyoncé Moments You'll Never Forget

This famous duo have been the reigning icons of the music industry for a solid decade. Queen Bey and Jay-Z have shown us some of their most volatile and stage-worthy love shenanigans over the years – along with the reactions of the rest of the world.

1. When They Fell In Love

2. When Jay-Z Retired

Jay-Z told fans he planned to retire in 2003 after a final performance at Madison Square Garden.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSy7Wzj4OCY

3. And Then Changed His Mind

How could he retire from making faces like this?

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Or pouring alcohol into his Grammy?

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4. When Jay-Z Decided to Be a Part of Art

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5. And Beyoncé Performed Choreography Everyone Still Does At Parties

6. Awww...They're Still In Love

7. Still. In. Love. But Drunk Love This Time

8. When Queen Bey Showed Her Baby Bump

9. When Blue Ivy Was Named

10. When Everyone Decided Blue Ivy Was a Devil Child

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11. When Family Got Tough

This video of Solange Knowles getting into a brawl with Jay-Z was leaked by an employee of the venue and started a storm of online gossip.

12. And The World Reacted

13. And Then Queen Bey and Jay-Z Released a Fake Film Trailer

Nothing is going to stop these music icons from doing what they do best.

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